Yellowfin Partners with Kodak

LONDON and ROCHESTER, New York, February 21, 2017

Global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor, Yellowfin, has partnered with Kodak, an imaging technology company, to deliver real-time analytics within Kodak’s new Platform as a Service (PaaS), PRINERGY Cloud — the first service of its kind in the print industry.

Yellowfin’s BI software is embedded in Kodak PRINERGY Cloud as the rebranded analytics engine, Decision Analytics, to enable print service providers (PSPs) to minimize cost and risk by monitoring production processes in real-time. Powered by Yellowfin, PRINERGY Cloud’s Decision Analytics offers PSPs the first analytics-enabled workflow of its kind in the print industry.

The cloud-based platform will provide constant reporting and analytics on printing processes, including print passes and color usage, allowing PSPs to visualize and act on production inefficiencies as they arise, thereby improving operational performance and profit margins.

“Embedding Yellowfin into Kodak PRINERGY Cloud harnesses PSP production data into actionable analysis and reporting to drive informed decision-making in real-time,” said Vice President and General Manager of Kodak’s Unified Workflow Solutions, Allan Brown. “This important new capability delivers intuitive dashboards that provide visibility into production costs and system performance. It achieves this by continuously collecting data from operations, while also analyzing historical trends, to help improve productivity and identify key growth opportunities.”

“At Yellowfin, we are excited to be partnering with Kodak to deliver world-class, real-time analytics in cloud workflow software — a first for the print industry,” said Yellowfin SVP Global Sales, Peter Baxter. “With Yellowfin analytics, rebranded as Decision Analytics in PRINERGY, PSPs can gain insights into their businesses that they have never had before.”

Yellowfin, as a cloud analytics solution that can be embedded into customer software, provides access to data whenever and wherever consumers need it. This flexibility is an important capability for Kodak, who is seeing many businesses migrate to the cloud. With Yellowfin embedded, Kodak PRINERGY now delivers visibility into production costs and system performance exactly when customers need it.

Built on Microsoft Azure, Kodak PRINERGY now embeds secure, fast, and reliable Yellowfin data analytics rebranded as Decision Analytics.