Vungle Introduces Dynamic Templates

SAN FRANCISCO, November 2, 2016

Vungle, the leading performance marketing platform for in-app video ads, today announced Dynamic Templates, a new solution that gives advertisers and publishers access to a variety of unique ad templates designed to improve the consumer ad experience and drive higher conversion.

“Mobile has fundamentally changed the world of performance advertising. Low quality, poorly designed video ads simply no longer have a place in apps today,” said Zain Jaffer, CEO of Vungle. “With the introduction of Dynamic Templates, we’ve now made it possible to develop rich creatives that can be scaled and optimized to run across a range of platforms and devices; publishers will have even more ways to generate revenue without sacrificing their user experience. It is a critical part of our broader mission to help companies drive ROI through lifetime-value (LTV) optimization.”

Dynamic Templates have undergone extensive testing and are already producing significant results for Vungle customers. For example, the new Carousel template, one of the four unique designs already released, is seeing:

– Up to 20 percent conversion uplift over existing full-screen video ad formats;
– Up to 800 percent conversion uplift in initial tests with a 200% conversion uplift average over customer creatives.

“Vungle’s new Dynamic Templates are more than just a product enhancement; they solidify Vungle as one of the most innovative video ad tech companies,” said Sumee Oh, Director of Marketing at Jam City (formerly SGN).

Dynamic Templates drive performance and enhance the ad experience by giving advertisers a range of new templates in which their creative can be used. Each new template is responsive, so ads always provide a premium ad experience for consumers—no matter their OS, device or screen orientation. They are also modular, so a single creative can be scaled and optimized in real-time across multiple templates, thereby streamlining campaign efficiency and maximizing conversion rates.

For publishers, Dynamic Templates bolster revenue and protect the customer experience by increasing the ad variety users see. Moreover, enhanced optimization and higher conversion rates for advertisers mean publishers can earn more ad revenue for their available inventory. Once a publisher enables Dynamic Templates, they will be able to display any new template Vungle releases without needing to update to the latest version of Vungle’s SDK. This saves valuable engineering resources and app review cycles, while also granting immediate access to innovative, high-performing templates that can further increase ad revenue.

Vungle’s full-screen ad units have set the industry standard for in-app video ads. With the availability of Dynamic Templates—interstitial, carousel, overlays and gradients—Vungle creates new partnership opportunities globally. Advertisers can broaden reach with innovative ad templates and customizations, which can further increase user conversions. Vungle will be releasing new templates on an ongoing basis. Dynamic Templates also provide new revenue streams for publishers and have already opened up inventory opportunities for Vungle in many verticals, including retail, social, entertainment, travel and hospitality.