VINAYA Announces a Sparkling ZENTA, a Line of Wellness Smart Jewelry With Crystals From Swarovski

SAN FRANCISCO, June 29, 2016

London-based wearables company VINAYA has announced a custom designed version of the ZENTA wearable which is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo with crystals from Swarovski. This collaboration brings together the globally respected design minds of Swarovski with VINAYA’s brilliant technical capabilities, to craft a unique and exclusive version of ZENTA.

VINAYA builds connected technology that is centered around enhancing emotional and physical well-being. Their wearables are anchored in a luxury jewelry design and based on technology and scientific insights to digitally de-compress our lives. ZENTA, positioned as a personalized coach for both body and mind, claims to be the world’s most advanced biometric sensing wearable.

ZENTA was released on the Indiegogo crowdfund platform on the 1st of June and had reached its goal of $100k within the first 41 hours, generating global interest in the product line.

With one week left on the original ZENTA campaign this will be the first time that consumers will be able to purchase this limited edition, luxury-designed jewelry available for pre-order as a ‘Swarovski Perk’ for $209 USD via the Indiegogo campaign.

“With ZENTA we’re looking to build the next generation of wearables focused on emotional and physical well-being,” says VINAYA CEO and Co-founder, Kate Unsworth. “We’re delighted to collaborate with Swarovski to release these beautiful versions of ZENTA and partner with one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world. Adding the Swarovski sparkle to ZENTA makes this collaboration one of high-quality products and services that exceed our customers’ desires, a mission set forth by both of our companies.”

Pioneering a brand new market centered around a concept of emotional well-being, VINAYA’s engineers work diligently with a team of Neuroscientists on identifying how to gently nudge someone in their daily life to help them move away from destructive behaviors and into more positive habits in order to reduce stress and increase happiness over time. Reporting on the launch, Forbes magazine said: “ZENTA is the world’s first designer biometric wearable that interprets your emotions, helps you understand your own behavioral patterns, and allows you to share how you feel visually, in the form of art.” VINAYA continues to build products which will help consumers organize and design their lives in the way that makes most sense for them.