Turgon Flooring

Category: Engineered wood flooring
Business profile: Unlike many other companies, Turgon London does not have a ‘range’ of wooden floors that are standard. The colours and finishes we show on our website have all been created by our customers over the years, mainly contributions from world famous architects and designers, and represent just a small number of the finishes we are able to achieve.

Using a blend of oils and stains, the number of finishes we are actually able to create is limitless. If you don’t see a finish you like, then we will create it for you. Our oak wooden floors come in a huge variety of dimensions. We place no restrictions on the widths or lengths of the products we can offer, other than the restrictions placed on us by nature. We can machine either engineered or solid wooden flooring products from as little as 40mm in width to 500mm in width, and with lengths going up to 10 meters and even beyond.

Because we employ our own cabinet makers in our London workshops, we are able to manipulate any kind of wood into any kind of surface texture, from antique, to hand planed, time worn, burnt, mottled or heavy brushed. Creating a surface texture adds another dimension to any wood flooring project. If you have a particular style in mind, contact us and we can help make your project happen.
Address: 955 Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5HY, UK
Phone number: 020 8343 3463
Website: www.turgonflooring.co.uk