Synthesio Aquires Bunkr

NEW YORK, January 17, 2017

Synthesio, the leading global Social Intelligence and Social Listening platform, announced today that it acquired Bunkr, the first business report builder that displays any online content. Bunkr’s report building and management technology will be used to enrich Synthesio’s current reporting capabilities.

“Our goal at Synthesio has always been, and continues to be, to create the best-in-class global Social Intelligence platform and experience for organizations,” explained Loic Moisand, CEO and Co-Founder of Synthesio. “While Synthesio currently has our own reporting technology within our platform, adding Bunkr’s technology will create an even more useful and strategic reporting based on the data gathered in Synthesio’s platform for our customers. Even more than this though, Bunkr and it’s Co-Founders are as passionate as we are Synthesio are to create the best online platform to create useful insights out of online data, and this acquisition feels natural as their mindset, strategy and culture match Synthesio’s almost identically.”

After growing to more than 150,000 users in its initial iteration of the free Bunkr app, Bunkr decided to include a new B2B model with its own API designed to help automate report building. Synthesio was among the initial customers for Bunkr with this new edition, following which, Synthesio decided to purchase the technology and use it for its own native report building and management technology in December 2016.

“When we decided to focus Bunkr on being a Business-to-Business report builder to display online content, we knew that we wanted to help make sense out of the mass amount of Social Data that is available to businesses globally, and selling Bunkr to Synthesio is the best-case scenario for us, since being a part of Synthesio’s Social Listening platform will help us achieve our goals,” stated Alexis Jamet, CEO and Co-Founder of Bunkr. “Synthesio is exactly the kind of tool that we envisioned using our technology to be able to display an incredible amount of content and data in an easy-to-digest report. We are so excited to be joining Synthesio and are looking forward to the process of integrating our technology into Synthesio’s Social Intelligence platform.

Bunkr’s free app will continue to exist until March 31, 2017, at which point the app will shut down. Until this date, Bunkr’s users will be able to take their work back from the app. Synthesio plans on fully integrating the Bunkr technology into Synthesio’s platform in the second half of 2017.