Studio Moderna

Category: Home and garden shops
Business profile: We are a leading omnichannel, multi-brand and direct-to-consumer electronic retailer in Central and Eastern Europe. We offer our customers choice and convenience. We operate across multiple channels to bring our brands and products to our loyal and active customer database on 20 markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

We have the multichannel philosophy incorporated not only in our marketing and sales activities, but also in customer care & service, product development, sourcing & selection, delivery, logistics & fullfilment and more. We carefully listen to what our customers have to say at all stages of the customer journey on any of our sales channels, and use their feedback to constantly improve our business.

Today’s customers are better informed and more demanding shoppers than ever, and they rarely depend on single channel. They buy products they want through the channels they prefer. We understand that, giving our customers choice and convinience of multiple shopping possibilities. Thanks to our advanced omni-channel marketing platform and technologies we’ve been able to assure seamless user experience, mobile/tablet friendly websites and consistent customer experiences across all channels.
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