Category: Cloud computing services
Business profile: Skytap gives teams what they need to accelerate delivery and decrease the cost of developing, testing, selling, training on, and running enterprise applications. With self-service environments that work like your data center, development teams gain immediate cloud benefits without the need to re-architect or learn new technologies.

Easy-to-use features allow instructors to focus on creating engaging classes that represent real-world scenarios and allow students to learn at their own pace. While powerful APIs, third-party integrations, and an easy-to-use interface optimize DevOps flows with one-click, self-service environments for everyone.

With Skytap’s Environments-as-a-Service, customers:
– get fully deployed, working environments in seconds
– eliminate environment-contention bottlenecks with self-service, on-demand environment cloning
– prevent environment configuration drift by disposing of used environments regularly and creating new ones in seconds
– remove the need to re-architect or rewrite application code with direct import of x86 virtual machines
Address: 719 2nd Avenue, STE 800, Seattle, WA 98104, United States
Phone number: +1 (206) 866-1162