Showpad Continues Expansion Across CRM Platforms with Microsoft Dynamics Integration

SAN FRANCISCO, July 26, 2016

Content activation leader provides most effective platform to empower sales reps and managers with targeted prospect insights

Showpad, the world’s most powerful content activation platform, announced today it has released its integration into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Tailored to marketers, sales reps and sales managers, Showpad’s integration is supported for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, 2015 and 2016. For more information and immediate download, visit the Showpad product page.

“A major obstacle many sales reps and managers face in the sales process is finding and using meaningful content in meetings,” said Louis Jonckheere, Showpad co-CEO and co-founder. “Most teams don’t track whether content has an effect on deal outcomes, but Showpad’s integration allows sales to collect data around how content is used with prospects, and then use that information to make critical business decisions.”

How it works
Sales reps and leaders receive insights directly from Showpad into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM whenever content is shared with a prospect and when that prospect engages with shared content. Once notified, the sales rep and leaders can identify deals at risk and can deliver the most accurate sales forecast. Sales managers are able to augment their coaching tactics leveraging the best practices and behaviors of their reps, in order to align their teams and reach desired outcomes.

Unique features of the integration include:
– Viewing all content shared with any account, opportunity, contact or lead in Microsoft Dynamics
– Viewing how prospects engage with content in Microsoft Dynamics

By introducing Showpad to sales and marketing teams, with its expanded integrations and offerings, behind Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its recently announced Salesforce app integration, Showpad centralizes relevant marketing content and further enables and empowers users based on conversations with prospects. Marketing leaders gain insight into how the content they produce is driving revenue and are able to identify how salespeople can leverage this content during meetings, as well as with a prospect post-meeting.

About Showpad

Showpad delivers the world’s most powerful content activation platform—one that makes your content incredibly easy to find, present, share, and measure. Showpad empowers businesses to deliver their content to the right audience at the right time with the most intuitive and robust content platform. With Showpad, sales and marketing teams work better together to engage with audiences, advance conversations, inspire loyalty, and accelerate your business. The Showpad platform can be deployed quickly and scales for any company.

Founded in 2011, Showpad activates the content of over 850 companies around the world, including Johnson & Johnson, Fujifilm, Audi, Intel, and Kimberly-Clark. Showpad has dual headquarters—in San Francisco and in Ghent, Belgium—plus offices in Portland, and in London.