Sensus Healthcare Brings Superficial Radiation Therapy to China for Keloid Prevention and Treatment

BOCA RATON, Florida, January 8, 2018

Sensus Healthcare, Inc., a medical device company specializing in the non-invasive treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers and keloids with superficial radiation therapy (SRT), today announced that the Company has shipped three of its SRT-100™ units to Chindex Medical Limited, Sensus’ exclusive distribution partner in China, to provide patients with a highly effective treatment option for keloids. This follows the announcement of an expanded relationship between Sensus and Chindex Medical after the International Congress of Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery International League (DASIL) in Shanghai, China in October 2017.

“The speed at which we’ve shipped our first units since Sensus expanded the relationship reinforces our optimism about the demand for and potential of SRT-100 to reach a major segment of the Asian population, which has the highest incidence of post-surgical keloid scar formation,” said Joe Sardano, CEO, Sensus Healthcare. “We are eager to continue this important work with Chindex Medical in China in 2018 and to further expand awareness of SRT across the globe.”

The SRT-100 delivers precise, calibrated, low-dose radiation that effectively destroys basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, as well as the non-malignant tumor cells that cause keloids. Each treatment is painless and doesn’t involve cutting, bleeding, stitching or anesthesia. There is also no risk of infection or scarring and no need for reconstructive plastic surgery. The SRT-100 received clearance from the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) for the treatment and prevention of keloids in July 2017.

About Sensus Healthcare

Sensus Healthcare, Inc. is a medical device company that is committed to providing non-invasive and cost-effective treatment options for non-melanoma skin cancers and keloids. Sensus uses a proprietary low energy X-ray technology known as superficial radiation (SRT), which is a result of over a decade of dedicated research and development. Sensus has successfully incorporated SRT therapy into its portfolio of treatment devices, the SRT-100™ and SRT-100 Vision™. To date, SRT technology has been used to effectively and safely treat oncological and non-oncological skin conditions in thousands of patients.