RVM Announces Enterprise Release of the RVM Tracer

NEW YORK, February 15, 2017

RVM Enterprises, Inc., a leader in the eDiscovery industry, today announced the launch of the Enterprise Edition of their exclusive product, RVM Tracer. RVM Tracer is an investigation solution used to quickly view potentially concerning activity on a user’s computer. RVM Tracer doesn’t replace a full forensic investigation; but is easy to use, cost effective, and provides a first look at red flags in a user’s history that may spark a full forensic investigation.

Since its introduction last year, the existing offering of Tracer now being called Tracer Standard Edition has been used by clients worldwide to triage a user’s computer and determine whether there’s been any potential corporate intellectual property theft. The Tracer solution is launched on an active user’s computer by simply plugging the secure device into the USB port. When a collection is completed, the encrypted information can then be sent back to RVM to generate a standard set of reports. These various reports include recently accessed\created documents (USB, network, etc.), browser history, drives accessed, installed applications (including DropBox, Google Drive, etc.) and more. RVM can then guide users through the reports provided, assist with clarification, and discuss potential next steps should the results be concerning.

Based on the success of Tracer, large organizations have requested more control over the tool to generate reports immediately, retain all investigatory information locally, centralize collection information, and to provide a licensing model for enterprise use. As a result, RVM has simplified the challenges that large organizations face by providing enterprise reporting, collection device management, and introducing subscription based licensing.

RVM Tracer Enterprise Edition allows more sophisticated organizations the ability to manage investigations behind their firewall. Clients can now configure collection devices and generate their own reports, increasing the speed of their investigations and giving them more control over the security of their data.

“The release of the Enterprise Edition of RVM Tracer will allow clients to have more control over their Tracer implementations. Clients will be able to quickly deploy Tracer and receive reports without any information ever leaving their organization,” said Greg Cancilla, RVM’s Director of Forensics and New York Law Journal’s four-time “Best Individual Expert Witness.”

The RVM Tracer Enterprise and Standard Edition offerings is part of RVM’s commitment to bring innovative products and services to our clients in a continuous effort to better assist their business needs and interests.

About RVM

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