Royole to Introduce Smart Writing Pad at CES 2018

FREMONT, California, January 8, 2018

Royole Corporation, a leading innovator and manufacturer of next-generation human-machine interface technologies and products such as advanced flexible displays, flexible sensors, and smart devices, is set to introduce its new Smart Writing Pad at CES 2018. Based on the company’s unique and patented flexible electronics technologies, the unit accommodates real-time writing on standard paper with traditional pen refills. Users can immediately have a digital record sent directly to their smart device, computer, and to the cloud, or transfer at a later time.

“In today’s world, written communication is overwhelmingly electronic,” commented Dr. Bill Liu, Royole founder and CEO. “Merging advanced Royole technology with traditional forms of written communications, our Smart Writing Pad allows users to quickly and accurately create, capture, store, and share all manner of conventionally written material for digital application.”

With the Smart Writing Pad placed under a sheet of paper, any writing, drawing, or even scribbling can be reproduced directly onto any smart device or computer, where it then can be digitally saved. Everything can be done in real time; however, the device also works without any smartphone or tablet needed. Information will be saved directly into the Smart Writing Pad, where it can later be synced with a smart device or the cloud. With 2048 force-touch handwriting, an accurate representation of the written material – including pressure intensity – is ensured with no writing break off or delay.

The Smart Writing Pad offers users an improved, more intuitive, tactile experience of pen to paper rather than the less-than-ideal experience of writing directly on a tablet. Whether doing real-time designs for clients, taking notes in a business or education setting, or crafting creative designs, it allows you to easily capture and share these handwritten documents. A few additional applications the Smart Writing Pad provides a solution for include:

– Company employees that want to save and share notes, presentations, etc. with co-workers or supervisors
– Students can easily capture class notes or homework; especially useful for saving/sharing illustrations, drawings, calculations, and formulas
Architects and designers can quickly sketch out ideas and send directly to clients for real-time feedback
– Commercial and graphic designers can send renderings to clients or supervisors for critiquing and/or approval
– Engineers can sketch visions, then instantly share with clients or fellow team members
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) endeavors that entail writing formulae, diagrams, integrals, chemical compounds, etc. that are difficult to enter into a digital device using a keyboard are more easily done with the human hand
– Virtually anyone who needs/wants to communicate creative concepts that go beyond simple text

The Smart Writing Pad provides a multi-media triple backup, as data can be stored on the physical paper, on local memory, and on the cloud. Ideas, diary entries, notes, work, drawings, doodles, and so much more are preserved forever in the user’s handwriting.

About Royole Flexible Sensor Technology

Royole‘s flexible sensor technology stems from the company’s development of next-generation AMOLED flexible displays. Its flexible sensors offer many advantages over traditional sensors, including higher performance, shorter production cycle, and lower costs. Royole’s flexible sensor technology can be adapted for innovative flexible-sensor applications as well as conventional touch panels. Due to its stability and reliability, these Royole sensors can be readily integrated with flexible displays. Royole has filed numerous patents with respect to materials, processes, and designs centered around flexible electronics applications with its innovative Flexible+ platform. The company provides customers with diverse products and solutions, fast turnaround time, and large-volume production capabilities.