Revolutionary Security partners with Guidepost Solutions

BLUE BELL, Penssylvania, February 9, 2017

Revolutionary Security LLC, a full service cyber security firm, announced that it formed a strategic partnership with Guidepost Solutions LLC, a global leader in compliance, investigations, risk management and physical security consulting. Revolutionary Security is led by the founders of the commercial cyber security division from one of the world’s largest defense contractors. This strategic partnership enables Revolutionary Security and Guidepost Solutions to offer clients a wide-ranging suite of cyber security solutions and consulting services. Guidepost Solutions also acquired an equity stake in Revolutionary Security.

This new partnership enables clients to leverage comprehensive threat, risk and vulnerability management services to protect against a full spectrum of cyber and physical security issues. These innovative capabilities are specifically designed to improve cyber defense capabilities and prevent or remediate any incidents when they occur. Clients will benefit from a depth of exceptional expertise offered by both firms, as well as a breadth of services that address a broad range of corporate risk mitigation needs.

“Guidepost Solutions is a leader in investigations, compliance, and physical security consulting and we’re excited to bring these capabilities to our clients to provide comprehensive risk management solutions,” stated Revolutionary Security Vice President, Strategic Development Jeff Mucha. “As the market continues to evolve toward consolidated physical, personnel, and cyber security management, this partnership enables us to provide the most comprehensive solutions and services in the market.”

“We’re very excited to provide our clients with access to a seasoned team of industry leading cyber experts whose experience comes from defending one of the world’s largest defense contractors and its clients from advanced cyber-attacks,” stated Guidepost Solutions Chief Executive Officer Julie Myers Wood. “Our investment in and partnership with Revolutionary Security supports our commitment to provide our clients with world-class, sophisticated solutions to defend them from one of the greatest threats facing their companies.”

Through this partnership and investment, Revolutionary Security and Guidepost Solutions are positioned to enhance cyber and physical security defenses for clients and provide resiliency for their critical systems. Specific security services include: Strategic Consulting; Systems Design and Transformation Services; Security Operation Centers; Security Assessments and Roadmaps; Vulnerability and Testing; Industrial Control Systems Security; and Incident Response and Remediation.

About Revolutionary Security

Revolutionary Security provides clients and partners the expertise and solutions to proactively defend against all cyber threats across enterprise IT and industrial control systems. Our emphasis is improving internal defenses across the entire spectrum of people, process, and technology to mitigate threats and remediate any incidents when they occur.

About Guidepost Solutions

In a world where change is certain, experience is the best protection. Guidepost Solutions offers global investigations, compliance and monitoring, and security and technology consulting solutions for clients in a wide range of industries.