PURE Media Solutions

Category: Public Relations
Business profile: PURE Media is an agency built around the future media landscape where products can appear the same, but where brands makes all the difference.
Marketing is intuitive. That’s one of the reasons we’re so quick-off-the mark when it comes to interpreting what a Client needs. Rather than trying to blind you with science, to justify high fees, we’ll employ the application of logic to keep them both realistic and affordable! We understand that effective marketing isn’t just about great design; it is about combining a range of channels, to reach the target audience.
At PURE we provide a service that offers consistency, creativity and a fully integrated solution. It is marketing, kept simple!

Evolving your message to compete against your competition
Staying within your budget to accommodate your goals
Selecting media that will resonate with your target demographic
Launching campaigns that makes a difference
Providing clients with a peace of mind from beginning to end.
Address: 3-5, Vasile Lascar, sector 2, Bucharest, Romania
Phone number: +40 736 616 600
Website: www.puremedia.ro