Pepper by Leumi Goes Live

TEL AVIV, Israel, February 23, 2017

The Leumi Group announced today the official launch of “Pepper”, a digital banking platform which allows customers to manage all of their banking activities entirely via mobile. Pepper is currently available in app stores in Hebrew ‘by invite only’, for those who pre-registered on the Pepper website.

Pepper is entirely mobile, from on-boarding to performing banking transactions, and more. The account-opening process takes just minutes, after which customers obtain current account facilities and an active credit line directly to their phone. Pepper is a fully-mobile banking platform with no current account fees, and is based on a unique technology that helps customers better manage their finances. This technology allows Pepper to get to know its users, customize relevant content, and offer a personalized banking experience that differs from person to person.

Pepper’s user experience is similar to that of social media feeds, comprising of personal content, consumer insights, comparisons, summaries of expenses, live updates, and consumer tips, while allowing users to quickly and easily perform banking transactions. In keeping with the app’s fresh design, Pepper’s language is young, simple, friendly, and completely different from the traditional banking language we have come to know.

Alongside Pepper’s launch, the free mobile app “Pepper Pay” has been released to app stores. The payment app incurs no commissions and is intended for domestic customers of all Israeli banks. Pepper Pay’s payment experience is quick, super-friendly and fun to use. Users simply enter the amount they wish to pay, select a beneficiary from their mobile contact list, even add a GIF (animation) from the app’s tailor-made GIF library, and the payment is sent immediately. With Pepper Pay, there is no need to carry around cash: Need to pay the babysitter, pay a friend back for lunch, send the kids some pocket money from work? With Pepper Pay, you can do all of that in seconds.
Rakefet Russak-Aminoach, Leumi President & CEO: “The world is changing rapidly. The banking industry needs to close the technology gap and offer an advanced and relevant solution that adapts to customers’ needs. Pepper was created to offer an alternative to the traditional banking experience. This is not just an evolution of current banking. This is a revolution that marks a completely new mindset.”

About Leumi Group

Bank Leumi, established in 1902, is one of the leading and largest corporations in Israel, providing comprehensive banking services and commanding an approximate 30% domestic market share. The Leumi Group operates some 250 branches throughout Israel, in addition to branches and offices located in key financial centers across the globe, including London, New York and Shanghai.