Paysafe launches GOLO mobile ordering platform

MONTREAL, February 28, 2017

Payment pioneer Paysafe has today launched its GOLO app and web ordering platform, accessed through an instant and convenient consumer app that enables businesses to sell more effectively to their existing and new customers. With more than 100 local businesses already using GOLO, the ‘Go Local’ ordering app has now formally launched in Montreal ahead of a wider rollout across Canada, the US, UK and Europe over the coming months.

GOLO leverages Paysafe’s powerful digital payments expertise to deliver real-time benefits for businesses and consumers. GOLO geographically locates consumers and connects them to nearby businesses, enabling consumers to get just about anything they need, on-the-go at the click of a button.

Benefits for consumers

– Ease-of-use, simple and convenient – your neighbourhood at your fingertips
– Highly efficient, no waiting in lines
– Shoppers order and pay for goods in advance on their mobile device
– They can pick up their order in a local store in minutes or have it delivered when they want

Benefits for businesses

– Improved reach – local merchants get to access a larger, online and mobile customer base
– Improved efficiency – reduced overhead versus typical bricks and mortar model
– Enhanced customer insights – customer segmentation and promotional tools to better target customers
– Safe and secure – payments are instantly transferred to merchant bank accounts

GOLO is all about delivering scaleable payments innovation that helps to support the ‘shop local’ movement with a focus initially on small- to medium-sized businesses serving the community through selling merchandise and everyday essentials.

Paysafe Chief Operating Officer Danny Chazonoff says: “GOLO was born from a desire to help both businesses and consumers benefit from our innovative payments expertise. Simplicity and convenience are at the heart of GOLO, a mobile solution that helps local neighbourhoods come alive digitally with a service that saves consumers time and money and generates more sales opportunities for businesses.”

Benoit Godin, who has owned his florist business Vertuose for more than 13 years, has adopted GOLO’s mobile order-ahead platform.

“I finally feel like I have a place to compete and offer my clients a digital experience,” Godin says. “And by being on the web and on mobile, GOLO brings us visibility for people on the block, even those who don’t know us. For a single-store florist, that’s pretty good!”

Montreal-based restaurants group Foodtastic, which serves around 50,000 customers every week across its Carlos & Pepe’s, La Belle et La Boeuf, Nickels, Souvlaki Bar and Vinnie Gambini’s outlets, is another of the 100+ businesses now available on GOLO.

“So many people are walking around, phone in hand. They want something there and then. And GOLO seems like a very promising solution for us to give them exactly that. It’s why we’re onboard,” says Foodtastic Chief Executive Peter Mammas.

Philippe Marois, the Chief Operating Officer leading the GOLO business adds: “Mobile ordering is really taking off in North America. In the US alone, it is predicted by some forecasts to generate more than $60bn in payment value in 2017 and more than $314bn by 2020. So far, only the big retailers have really explored this trend successfully.”