Online Support Computing Updates their Service Offerings

BRENTFORD, United Kingdom, November 8, 2016

The founders of Online Support Computing Limited, a company that offers top-quality IT support, business telephony services and IT services, are pleased to announce that they have just updated their service offerings to be even more comprehensive and thorough.

As a company spokesperson noted, rather than the old PSTN phone systems, Online Support Computing Limited is offering new and updated telephony solutions that are reliable and budget-friendly. For example, they now provide landlines, mobiles, broadband and IT support.

“Our hosted telephony comes with all the cost benefits of IP telephony, meaning you get free internal calls and cheaper call rates,” the spokesperson said, adding that they offer lines, calls and data connectivity to suit any company’s needs, and that business mobiles are included.

“Clients also get support from a dedicated account manager, and we also schedule regular reviews to make sure clients are getting the most for their money.”

One of the ways that the updated telephony services from Online Support Computing Limited saves their clients money is that the company does not require people to pay for an on-premises system. Instead, the spokesperson said, clients pay a recurring fee per seat.

“Your hosted service is all in one, central place. This means you can use it across multiple sites and calls between these sites are free,” the spokesperson said.

“Also, there is no upfront cost of installation or purchase – you can often get a brand new hosted telephony system for cheaper than the monthly cost that you are paying at the moment.”