Ohad Tzur Joins Ezoic

CARLSBAD, California, December 5, 2016

Google Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic, proudly announces Ohad Tzur as the company’s new Vice President of Global Partnerships. Tzur comes to Ezoic directly from Google’s Online Partnership Group where he served as Global Head of Channel Partnerships. At Ezoic, Tzur will be primarily responsible for expanding Ezoic’s global reach, developing Ezoic’s solutions for large publishers, forming scalable partnerships, and increasing publisher satisfaction.

Dwayne Lafleur, Founder and CEO of Ezoic, believes this announcement is a great indicator of the trust and success that Ezoic has built with online publishers.

“Ohad is an extremely dynamic addition to our team. He brings exceptional knowledge, insight, and experience to our team directly from Google. His prowess will allow us to continue to grow our platform globally. With the success and intrigue about machine learning growing in this space, we believe that Ohad is the right person to help us continue sharing this message with the world,” said Lafleur.

The announcement of Ohad Tzur as Vice President of Global Partnerships, once again puts Ezoic in the news. The organization that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help online publishers improve, optimize, and better monetize their websites, has been featured in several major news stories throughout the year; including one in Google’s own AdSense Blog. According to Ezoic’s Chief Customer Officer, John Cole, this is a sign of the company’s revolutionary approach to site improvement.

“Ezoic has earned a lot of great press this year. In all of the times we’ve been featured, I believe that our technology — and the success we’ve had amassing tens of thousands of platform users — stands front and center. Whether we’re talking about our ad testing application, our case study spotlight from Google AdSense, or our newly-launched free Ad Revenue Index for publishers, our organization has proven that we have site owners’ best interests at heart and in everything we do. This has been our goal all along,” Cole claimed. “Having Ohad join our team further signals to publishers of all shapes and sizes that our platform can help them move ahead, in what is a very complex industry. Even the most experienced publishing pro’s in this space will find tools and applications inside our platform that will help them better optimize and monetize their sites.”

Joining Google in 2011, Ohad Tzur spearheaded various initiatives throughout the organization. In his most recent role as Head of Channel partnerships at Google, Ohad was responsible for developing quality 3rd-party partnerships with the goal of bringing the best of Google’s solution to the publisher ecosystem.

“Multivariate ad testing and data-driven decision making presents a wealth of opportunities to publishers to enhance user experiences and realize greater monetization potential,” says Ohad. “I’m excited to further increase Ezoic’s positive impact on the publisher community and further develop the already strong relationship we have with Google.”

About Ezoic

Ezoic is a Google partner that specializes in providing sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence to online publishers. Their no-cost flagship application allows publishers the ability to automatically serve individualized ad combinations to website visitors to maximize ad earnings and optimize user experience metrics at the same time (like bounce rate and pageviews per visit).