Mediatrix Capital and Alternative Asset Management Ltd. Announce Strategic Partnership

NASSAU, Bahamas, August 9, 2016

Mediatrix Capital Inc. and Alternative Asset Management Ltd. announced today the formation of a strategic partnership to create an expanded platform offering investors the opportunity to profit from a global currency trading system utilizing artificial intelligence based algorithms. Under terms of the new agreement, Mediatrix Capital’s trading system will provide an operative baseline for Alternative Asset Management’s multi-award winning account strategies.

Based in London, Alternative Asset Management is an established hedge fund manager, fully Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, specializing in absolute return strategies that utilize systematic automated trading systems coupled with advanced asset management techniques. The firm’s trading structures employ powerful algorithms based on a top down neural network study that produces high alpha trading programs. These sophisticated automated trading models operate in the world’s major Forex markets as well as futures on the world’s major equity indices. The overall objective is to deliver absolute returns within a carefully risk assessed and controlled environment. BarclayHedge has recognized Alternative Asset Management with numerous performance awards.

Mediatrix Capital’s managed account strategy is based on a sophisticated, proprietary algorithmic approach coupled with artificial intelligence in the Spot Markets that concurrently trades 34 different precious metal pairs and currency pairs based on signals that indicate the highest probability of market direction for profitable trades. Statistically, there is a greater probability of achieving maximum profits while using less equity when there are more currency pairs. The algorithmic navigator developed over nine years also employs a very sophisticated strategy that behaves like a hedge when positions don’t go as expected and zone recovery is required. The firm has achieved world-class results with minimal risk for clients consistently since 2013. As of August 1, 2016 Mediatrix Capital has completed its 32nd straight month of positive client gains — an achievement of excellence.

“The new strategic partnership with Alternative Asset Management Ltd. combines two perennial powerhouses in the world of algorithmic trading. Collectively, we have decades of trading experience and numerous long term established relationships with both institutional and high net worth clients. Our intent is to create a pathway for tremendous success in a broader international scope that is consistent with our long-term success plan for all of our clients,” said Mediatrix Capital Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder Michael S. Young.

“Today’s financial and economic climate is difficult and fraught with anxieties. Investors have substantially reduced exposure to certain funds and projects due to fears of a repeat of the turmoil in world markets of 2008 and subsequent losses in their portfolios. Indeed, we have evolved from an era of wealth creation to one of wealth preservation, particularly in that there is limited yield in the broader markets. With this opportunity at hand, we are pleased to partner with Mediatrix Capital to offer investors a compelling opportunity to profit from an investment in an innovative and time proven asset class,” said Alternative Asset Management Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Edwards.

About Mediatrix Capital, Inc.

Mediatrix Capital, Inc. provides Managed Account services for an elite clientele seeking to benefit from trading the Foreign Exchange Market. The founding partners of Mediatrix Capital are respected traders and published FX Spot and FX OTC Options strategists with a track record of exceptional operations, trade management, technology/algorithm development, risk mitigation, and overall funds management. The firm uses a very sophisticated suite of algorithmic technology and artificial intelligence to achieve exceptional results while more importantly managing the downside risk of trading. The firm offers qualified investors access to one of the finest high rate investment funds available anywhere in the world with 100% transparency, 100% liquidity and world class, dependable monthly returns that most firms only hope for in any single year’s time.

About Alternative Asset Management Ltd.

Alternative Asset Management Ltd. was established in January 2004 as an independent corporate financial advisory business and specialist Forex investment management company that specialises in absolute return strategies using leading edge systematic automated trading systems coupled with disciplined asset management techniques focusing on strong risk control. The team has spent 12+ years designing, developing and testing various hybrid trading structures employing totally unique and powerful algorithms, some of which employ top down neural network studies that combine to produce high alpha trading programs used for profit. The Alternative Currency Management Program delivers low frequency trading, leveraged and high alpha returns using an automated FX trading system designed and tested over 17 years.