Category: Cloud computing companies
Business profile: Lunacloud is a European pure-play cloud services provider. We focus on delivering reliable, elastic and low cost cloud infrastructure services (IaaS), on which you can run your operating systems and applications or store your data.

Lunacloud was founded in 2011, by two Internet pioneers – Charles Nasser and António Miguel Ferreira – that have a 18-year track record in the industry, in founding and leading successful technological companies like Claranet, Esoterica and Amen, that are serving millions of customers around the world.

The cloud fundamentally changes the way we consume compute, storage and network resources. We believe that lots of good technology is already available in the cloud. However, technology is only successful if it is simple, reliable and inexpensive.

Lunacloud is a provider that not only delivers real cloud services that meet all the essential characteristics of Cloud Computing but strives to exceed your expectations by being technologically advanced and design mindfully, delivering powerful and flexible cloud compute & storage services at the best value.
Address: Av. Dom João II 1998-014, Lisbon, Portugal
Phone number: 0845 073 0827