LeClair Group Launches Benafica

ST. PAUL, Minnesota, May 24, 2018

LeClair Group is pleased to announce the creation of Benafica, a new division which consolidates their technology services and insurance administration under one umbrella. LeClair Group’s core business as a health and life insurance distributor remains unchanged.

Benafica’s focus stems from its SaaS (Software as a Service) based technology platform which is used to administer blocks of insurance business for large employer groups, associations, and insurance processing organizations. Benafica’s platform brings together all aspects of policy administration into one online platform that creates better workflow efficiency, a seamless customer experience, and lower overall costs of administration.

Benafica’s software platform includes functionality that facilitates insurance billing and payments, key forms creation, claims management, commission processing, and COBRA administration. The ability to white label the platform allows client groups to utilize the platform as a value-added offering to their services. Currently the software platform has 25,000 policyholders, with 50,000 more policyholders expected to be on-boarded this summer.

Client groups can access the software through a software licensing model, or by fully outsourcing all aspects of policy administration and customer support to the Benafica team. For insurance companies and third-party administrators who operate on several outdated legacy systems, Benafica’s SaaS model can provide a turn-key solution for a fraction of the investment that would have otherwise been needed for an insurance company to modernize.

According to Dan Krueger, the Director of Information Services, “the Benafica platform was designed to be an insurance consolidator and to bring insurance administration into the 21st Century. Now groups with multiple insurance offerings can manage these programs together, eliminating the need for legacy systems and redundancy.”

LeClair Group will continue to operate as a nationally licensed insurance distributor, bringing quality insurance companies and their products to independent agent distributions. LeClair Group’s distribution focus lies heavily on the health side of the business, supporting Medicare, health insurance, disability income, long term care, and other ancillary health products. LeClair Group supports these products through agent trainings, marketing support, and technology tools.

About LeClair Group

LeClair Group is a nationally licensed insurance organization that leads in health and life insurance brokerage services, support, technology and education to thousands of advisors across the United States. LeClair Group is privately owned with over half a century of experience supporting independent insurance advisors.