Launch of GO – Dockless Motorbike Rentals for Urban Commute

BANGALORE, December 21, 2017

Wheelstreet, one of India’s largest motorbike rental platforms, has launched a Dockless Commute platform for its users, this is a one-of-its-kind model and is completely new to the Indian marketplace. Post YC funding, Wheelstreet is expanding its offerings and looking at creating a niche in the motorbike rental market.

Wheelstreet is a fully owned subsidiary of the US-based Wheelstreet Inc. and is designed after China-based Ofo. Wheelstreet allows their users to book a scooter by scanning the QR code, make payment, locate the vehicle and even unlock it with the help of a single app.

How Wheelstreet GO works

Dockless commute provides point A to point B transportation without any human intervention. The user will now be able to pick up a bike within 100 mts., without any external/third party involvement. This model currently exists in countries such as US and China and Wheelstreet is a pioneer in introducing dockless commute in the Indian market. The recent trends in consumer preference has pushed many companies/start-ups to get out of their comfort zones and provide the consumer with further ease in daily commute.

“Dockless commute will solve a real problem in the Indian market. Technology enabled GPS, smart locks and immobilisers will ensure security of the bikes. We are excited with this newest feature and our consumers have reflected the same enthusiasm. Wheelstreet is also currently looking to raise funds to help launch more motorbikes, as we aim to reach a milestone of 25,000 scooters in the coming quarters on our platform,” said Pranay Shrivastava, Co-Founder & CEO at Wheelstreet.


Wheelstreet is a smart mobility solution for urban commuters and provides a solution for the two-wheeler transportation problem in India which ranges from daily commute to long trips.

India has a growing millennial population but its transportation infrastructure remains outdated with plaguing problems such as pollution and traffic. Wheelstreet aims to change this situation by reducing the number of wheels on the street by propagating the fast-growing motorbike sharing phenomenon.

Being the first ever company to launch a motorbike rental marketplace in India, Wheelstreet has become and remains the leader in urban commute and is now the first to launch stationless scooter in the form of ‘WS GO’.