Kisapp Launches World’s First Smart Ephemeral Messaging App That’s 100% Confidential, Private and Secure

NEW YORK, July 6, 2016

Citing general, growing concerns about privacy protection and personal data security, Kisapp today launches the world’s first Smart Ephemeral, 100% confidential and secure messaging app. Initially available on iOS for iPhone and iPad, Kisapp enables the general public to send highly-encrypted messages that smartly vanish in seconds. And unlike most free messaging services available, Kisapp does not know who you are, who you talk to or what you say.

To ensure this level of security and confidentiality, Kisapp uses strong, multilayered, end-to-end encryption together with patent-pending, algorithm-based Smart Ephemeral technology that automatically sets the self-destruction timer based on the content of a sender’s message. This proprietary algorithm gives message recipients the optimal amount of time to read and digest the information before the message self-destructs and is gone forever. Kisapp users also have the ability to choose and even switch at anytime between two types of decryption and three speeds of deletion (fast, standard, and slow).

In addition to Smart Ephemeral technology, Kisapp’s stand-out features include:

– Secured log in: Using Touch ID and/or a passcode, no one but you can enter Kisapp.
– Screenshot-proof: Messages cannot be copied and repeated screenshot attempts will result in users accounts getting permanently blocked.
– Bcc mode: Allows users to send a single message to multiple contacts at once without showing each recipient, just like one does with emails.
– Private address book: The in-app “Smart Book” lets you add contacts on Kisapp, without having them added into your device’s address book.
– Instant synchronization: Once a message is gone, deletion is instantly synchronized across all devices and Kisapp’s servers.
– Fresh, innovative interface: Includes a Night theme and live animated messages.

A key differentiator that enables Kisapp to provide this top level of privacy and security is the treatment of messages during transit and after deletion. During transit, information is highly encrypted and cannot be deciphered, and no information remains on Kisapp’s servers once the message self-destructs.

“Kisapp users have full ownership of their conversations. Your messages are your business, not ours,” commented Kisapp Founder Kevin Ansiau, “From executives worried about company IP to celebrities concerned about being hacked and every other person on earth who just doesn’t want their information to fall into the wrong hands, we built Kisapp to ensure that your personal communications will be exposed to anyone but the intended recipient.”

To celebrate its launch and during a limited time only, you can download Kisapp for free from iTunes at Following the promotional period, the app will be available for $0.99 as a single purchase. Additional versions for Apple Watch, desktop and Android are in progress and expected to be released later this year.

About Kisapp

Kisapp, the world’s first Smart Ephemeral messaging app disrupts and redefines mobile messaging by offering its users a new experience that is all about fun, privacy and security. Together with a fresh design interface and functions never seen before in messaging, Kisapp is set to be the most secured and confidential messenger available on the App Store. The application features a patent-pending “Smart Ephemeral” technology that automatically set an optimal self-destruction timer for every message you receive. Once a message disappears, its deletion is instantly synchronized across all your devices and Kisapp’s servers, and therefore cannot be retrieved by anyone. Based in London, the company was founded by former advertising executive Kevin Ansiau, who works with a team of developers and brand specialists based in France.