Jisc Partners With Solutionpath

LEEDS, England, February 1, 2017

At this year’s BETT Education Show, Solutionpath announced a partnership with Jisc within the new Jisc learner analytics programme.

At the event in London last week, the UK’s largest Education Show and Conference, Solutionpath kicked off the partnership by offering Jisc member institutions the opportunity to discover more about its award-winning StREAM learner analytics software solution and student app, as well as its SATS attendance monitoring software through live demonstrations and presentations. Delegates from universities and colleges from across the UK met the experts who have developed the award winning software solution, who discussed and articulated the benefits universities and colleges have been realising by improving student engagement, progression, retention and ultimately attainment.

The new partnership with Jisc leverages both organisations’ expertise and experience and builds on the open learner analytics architecture that Jisc has created, which means new services can be added to the initial service that institutions receive as part of their Jisc membership, keeping UK education ahead of the curve in analysing student data and using it to deliver real student and institutional benefits.

Howard Hall, Solutionpath CEO and Co-founder comments: “Solutionpath is delighted to be joining forces with Jisc within the Jisc learner analytics partnership to pool our collective expertise and experience in helping accelerate the adoption of learner analytics across the UK higher and further education sectors. I believe the partnership will play a significant role in supporting UK Universities and Colleges in delivering a personalised learner journey, improved student experiences and of course better academic and pastoral care outcomes, as well as significantly reducing the time to value for institutions by protecting course revenues”.

Solutionpath, founded in 2012, initially collaborated with Nottingham Trent University to develop a solution that leverages historical student data and outcomes from a number of candidate systems, to build average engagement patterns for each course at each University client, and a solution that charts current students against these course averages including a predictive analytics component which accurately predicts student withdrawal 6 to 8 weeks in advance of that withdrawal so an early intervention can be made to change that predicted outcome.

After a year in pilot and nearly three years in production StREAM has become a mission critical application for NTU with the University being recognised in “From Bricks to Clicks” report (HEC, 2016) as the only UK Higher Education Institution to have successfully implemented learner analytics throughout the entire institution and it was awarded a Times Higher Education (THE) award for Outstanding Support to Students in 2015. Solutionpath is now working with institutions across the UK and internationally in Australia and the USA and was recognised for its trail-blazing work in the HE sector at the end of 2016 with a UK IT Industry award.