Category: Java Programming
Business profile: Jademy is the first institution in Romania that offers Coding Bootcamps as a professional development training for those who wish to learn the Java programming language. This type of training is very well known and appreciated in the Western countries as a consequence of the remarkable rate of success. These Java bootcamps are intensive and fast-paced, placing a strong emphasis on practical learning with the trainer’s support. The students achieve a vast portfolio of applications by working on complex projects during the training.

Unlike traditional methods of studying, coding bootcamps have various advantages:

  • First and foremost the students will focus on a specific specialization. They will study this particular subject to the depth that matches the market’s requirements. In contrast, traditional universities do not have the flexibility to address the market’s ever-changing needs therefore they try to compensate by covering as many areas of this field, at a very superficial level, while using overdone materials. A great percentage of the information received does not translate into the skills required for a specific IT job and won’t be useful until later on in one’s career.
  • Intensive study with the constant support of a trainer leads to an accelerated and efficient way of developing the industry required skills. Moreover, the exposure to hands-on projects with the trainer and the cohort makes a great difference when it comes to essential soft skills such as teamwork or being responsible and flexible enough to match the dynamic requests of an IT job.
  • Among the student developed applications we find the following: Sudoku (Android app), Whatsapp-like apps, tic-tac-toe, ERP apps, accounting management systems etc. It is notable that these applications are complex ones and they can be challenging even for an experienced programmer. However, Jademy graduates have managed to build them after as little as 3 months of intensive studying and 1 additional month dedicated exclusively to the app development process.

So far, the Jademy graduates have been hired by companies such as Siveco, ING, Qualysoft, UniCredit, Crazy Web, Alten, IT Smart Systems, IBM etc. while some of them are now working abroad (Portugal). Given the high quality of the technical knowledge we provide, but also the efficient strategic partnerships we have made with IT companies, more and more companies come back to recruit Jademy alumni.

Our Java Coding Bootcamp is open and accessible to everyone, regardless of age, previous education or experience. Whoever wants to learn how to code is welcome. Being a Jademy student involves daily attendance for 8h/day over a 3 month timeframe, in other words very similar to a full-time job. No technical knowledge is required for eligibility (but it is also welcome and helpful). The admission process consists of a CV selection, English skills, and an interview at our headquarters.
Address: 2 Padesu Street, 3rd floor, sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
Phone number: +40 729 164 164
Website: www.jademy.ro