Invesco Canada launches new global balanced and fixed income funds

TORONTO, May 26, 2016

Whether their goal is to fund a comfortable retirement or to boost their monthly spending power, Canadians are increasingly seeking income from their investments.

To help investors meet their diverse income needs, Invesco Canada has today launched Invesco Global Bond Fund and Trimark Global Diversified Income Fund.

Both funds leverage the deep knowledge base of the Invesco Fixed Income (IFI) team. With over 160 investment professionals and over US$237 billion in assets under management†, IFI is one of the largest fixed-income teams in the world.

From their offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Louisville, New York, Tokyo and Toronto, IFI team members share insights into the world’s most important bond markets.

Global fixed income
For Canadian investors seeking pure fixed-income exposure, Invesco Global Bond Fund is an actively managed, global fixed-income strategy focused on delivering income and growth. The Fund may serve as a complement to equities and domestic bonds in an investor’s overall portfolio.

Investing primarily in investment-grade debt securities of governments, corporations and other issuers from around the world, the Fund seeks to generate income and capital appreciation over the long term.

The Fund is built upon a foundation of high-quality government and corporate bonds, as well as structured bonds, such as mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities. At least 75% of the portfolio is allocated to investment-grade bonds. The Fund may also invest up to 25% of assets in debt securities that are rated below investment grade.

The Invesco Global Bond Fund is managed by Michael Hyman, Head of Investment Grade Portfolio Management, IFI, Matthew Brill, Senior Portfolio Manager, IFI, and Ray Uy, Head of Macro Research and Global Multi-sector Portfolio Management, IFI.

“Adding high-quality global bonds to a portfolio may help to provide income and diversify risk, assisting investors as they weather rough markets,” says Hyman. “The high-quality core of the Fund is complemented by a variety of bonds that may boost income potential and enhance diversification, including high-yield, emerging-markets and other sector bonds.”

A balanced global approach
Trimark Global Diversified Income Fund was created for investors seeking global balanced exposure for long-term capital growth and income. The Fund also provides consistent cash flow for investors, through targeted monthly distributions.

The equity portion of the Fund is managed by Michael Hatcher, Trimark Investments’ Head of Global Equities and Jeff Feng, Head of Emerging-Markets Equities for Invesco Hong Kong Ltd.

The equity portfolio invests in high-quality global dividend-paying companies, with the potential to achieve sustainable dividend growth, while helping to lower volatility in declining markets. It will typically consist of between 30 and 50 holdings.

The fixed-income portion invests in securities issued by governments and corporations anywhere in the world. It will pursue enhanced yield opportunities through diversified exposure to multi-asset, investment-grade and/or below-investment-grade fixed-income securities.

The fixed-income portion of the Fund will be managed by Jennifer Hartviksen, Head of Fixed-Income Investments for Trimark Investments and her Toronto-based team.

Both Invesco Global Bond Fund and Trimark Global Diversified Income Fund are available in Series, A, P, F and PF.

The Funds are also available as Platform Traded Funds (PTF), which helps to reduce costs for clients and administrative burden for advisors.

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