Imperial College Health Centre

Category: Health
Business profile: The Health Centre provides 24 hour care for its NHS registered patients in conjunction with the local after hours GP service. Students and staff members of Imperial College and the Royal College of Music, and Local Residents are able to register on the NHS if within the practice area. (See details on the registration page)

Non-NHS registered students of Imperial College and the Royal College of Music can use the Health Centre during normal office hours Monday to Friday, but should call their own NHS GP service in the evenings and weekends.

The Doctors and Nurses provide general medical care. Help is available for stress, study difficulties, pregnancy counselling and health promotion. A Consultant Psychiatrist attends weekly. Part-time Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Physiotherapists are also available. Access to these practitioners is via referral from one of the medical staff.

Minor surgical procedures such as removal of warts, skin lumps and treatment for in-growing toe nails are available following consultation with the medical staff. Examinations for employment, insurance, sports activities etc can be arranged by appointment.
Address: 40 Princes Gardens, London SW7 1LY
Phone number: 020 7584 6301