Impartner’s Partner Relationship Management Solution Helps LogRhythm Drive Partner Engagement

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, September 21, 2016

When LogRhythm, The Security Intelligence Company, launched a search for a new partner relationship management solution, it had a very specific list of requirements: drive engagement with its rapidly growing, global partner network; help educate and drive use of LogRhythm partner marketing programs; develop a partner portal that reflected corporate branding and messaging; and finally, meet the company’s stringent vendor software security requirements. LogRhythm chose Impartner’s PRM technology, the industry’s largest and most award-winning, pure-play SaaS solution.

In a new video case study launched today which details that journey (, LogRhythm’s Director of Global Channel Marketing, Ed Cepulis, said meetings with Impartner executives were key in ensuring the launch was successful. “We were able to tell them what we were trying to accomplish, and they were truly concerned with what we were trying to do,” Cepulis said. “They listened and came back with demos, and it was a very interactive process. That interaction and the relationship we built with the team was invaluable in our ability to deploy successfully.”

Since the launch, Cepulis said the most important thing about the portal is how it has allowed the team to shift its focus. “Externally, we’ve allowed our channel account managers to spend more time really building strategic relationships with our partners and having deeper discussions, instead of spending time discussing administrative tasks,” Cepulis said. “Internally, the conversation is now not about ‘how do we update the portal,’ but rather how can we do more marketing, how can we build a blog, and how can we automate even more of the partner onboarding activities that have been manual?”

Cepulis said that for any vendor to work with LogRhythm, it must first be evaluated by the company’s LogRhythm Labs, which is staffed with cyber security experts and helps its customers resolve cyber security incidents. “LogRhythm Labs put Impartner’s solution to the test, and it passed with flying colors,” Cepulis said. “Not all vendors pass, and we’ve had some that have failed pretty significantly.”

The change to LogRhythm’s business since launch, said Cepulis, has been immediate and significant. “In our last quarterly business review with the channel team, the consistent theme was clear, ‘it’s amazing what one quarter has done – and it was based on the implementation of the portal,'” he said. “We’ve been able to brand it as a LogRhythm portal, and it looks like our other assets and provides partners with a consistent experience. We’re able to keep it updated and current with the latest resources, the latest content and the latest news, so we are able to create a sense of urgency and a sense of engagement with our partners. I would strongly recommend Impartner.”

About Impartner

With nearly two decades of experience in accelerating indirect sales, Impartner delivers the industry’s most advanced SaaS-based Partner Relationship Management solution, helping companies worldwide manage their partner relationships and accelerate revenue and profitability through indirect sales channels. The largest pure-play PRM vendor in the world, Impartner provides the industry’s only out-of-the-box solution that can deploy an enterprise-class Partner Portal in as few as 30 days, using the company’s highly engineered, multi-award winning, three-step Velocity™ onboarding process.