ImmunoPrecise Opens U.S. Headquarters in Fargo

VICTORIA, May 18, 2018

ImmunoPrecise announces the opening of its U.S. Headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota.

The Fargo-Moorhead (FM) region has a strong and diverse economy with a broad base of entrepreneurs who invest in the regions’ companies. FM and the surrounding area are business-friendly and provide an array of tax credits and related programs to support local companies. In addition, North Dakota has the only state-owned bank in the United States and its approach is to assist businesses by joining private and public resources.

The FM area offers a variety of industrial parks, greenfield sites, office parks of varying sizes, and stand-alone professional buildings with a real estate database of approximately 500 sites and buildings. It continues to attract and expand its base of traditional and high-tech, emerging industries.

Some of Fargo-Moorhead region’s largest employers include divisional, regional, national and global headquarters & facilities for Microsoft, Bobcat Co., John Deere Electronic Solutions, Border States Electric Supply, RDO Equipment Co., Sanford Medical Center, Titan Machinery and American Crystal Sugar.

“The opening of our U.S. Headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota allows IPA to take advantage of a U.S. location that has a significant and diverse economy with a strong history of supporting global life science companies,” said Jennifer L. Bath, President and CEO of IPA. “We believe that with our U.S. headquarters based in Fargo, IPA will be able to tap into a large investor community and, in addition, will have access to a dedicated and highly-qualified work force as IPA continues to expand globally.”

About ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd.

ImmunoPrecise is a full-service, therapeutic antibody discovery company focused on the next generation of antibody discovery, to deliver the most therapeutically-relevant antibodies, in a shorter period of time, with the highest probability of succeeding to clinical trials.

ImmunoPrecise operates from state-of-the-art laboratory facilities located at the Vancouver Island Technology Park in Victoria, British Columbia, which house its tissue culture and B-cell screening facilities, as well as a Canadian Council for Animal Care (CCAC)-approved animal care unit. ImmunoPrecise operates globally to offer antibody services from target analysis to pre-clinical services, in collaboration with its subsidiary operations at U-Protein Express B.V., in the Life Science Incubator, Utrecht Science Park, Utrecht, and ModiQuest Research, both in the Netherlands.

The services offered to clients include antibody discovery in wild-type and humanized mouse and rat models, as well as rabbit monoclonal antibodies, all against a broad spectrum of antigens. The Company also offers a wide range of species agnostic B-cell screening and sorting services that decrease discovery timelines and greatly enhance the probability of finding a therapeutic antibody of interest. In addition, the Company provides a broad range of supporting services including immunologically-based assays, recombinant protein manufacturing, humanization, optimization, phage display, stable cell line development, and advanced solutions to challenges faced by clients in antibody-related research and development. In addition, cryopreservation services are provided for the storage of valuable biological materials including hybridoma clones, plasmid constructs, and cell lines. The antibodies produced by ImmunoPrecise target a wide variety of therapeutic, diagnostic and research applications.

ImmunoPrecise employs a highly experienced group of R&D scientists. Over the last 25 years, investments in innovative and proprietary technologies and methods have vastly improved the speed and efficiency of monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production.