Higher Ed Partners establishes its UK subsidiary and opens London office

DALLAS, Feb. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Higher Ed Partners, a leading provider of online programme management services for higher education, and sister company to US-based Academic Partnerships and Latin America-focused Ilumno, today announced the formation of Higher Ed Partners UK and the opening of its London offices.

“After studying the UK market for a number of years, we are delighted to officially announce both the formation of our UK-based entity and the opening of offices in London’s financial district,” said Jade Roth, COO of Higher Ed Partners. “This move cements our deep commitment to serving UK universities as they seek to expand access to their high quality, affordable, education through technology-aided learning.”

HEP UK is providing its partner universities a comprehensive suite of online solutions, including: supporting their capacity-building in the conversion of face-to-face programmes to an engaging online format, recruiting qualified students for these online programmes and providing ongoing student support through graduation.

“Our single mission is to assist our partner universities expand access to the vast adult learner population seeking to advance in their lives and careers,” said Roth. “Our focus on high demand degree programmes, aligned with today’s workforce requirements and delivered in a flexible modality, is designed to meet the needs of working adults who juggle personal and professional obligations. We are thrilled to enter the UK market and assist UK institutions to fulfill their mission by serving this exciting new student market.”

Higher Ed Partners UK has recently established a partnership with a Russell Group University. Details regarding the partnership will be announced shortly.

About Higher Ed Partners, UK (HEP UK)

HEP UK and its sister companies: HEP South Africa, HEP Morocco, HEP Canada, Academic Partnerships and Ilumno Holdings, together form the leading online service providers for higher education globally. HEP UK assists universities in converting their on-campus degree programmes into an online format, recruits qualified students for those programmes, and supports enrolled students through to graduation. HEP UK is guided by the principle that the opportunities presented through technology-aided learning make higher education more accessible and affordable. The group has spent nearly 20 years developing innovative learning solutions to improve education.