General Microsystems

Category: Computer networking companies
Business profile: Founded in 1983, General Microsystems Inc. (GMI) is solution provider and integrator of enterprise IT datacenter and desktop infrastructure solutions, including systems, storage, security, data monitoring, and network products from industry-leading vendors. GMI has long been a leading west coast technology reseller, providing information technology (IT) infrastructure products and services to Fortune 500 clients.

The foundation of GMI is in its relationships. We strive for lasting integrity, consistency, and reliability with our customers and partners. In order to maintain partnerships that are built to last, we invest heavily in improving our company to ensure that all customer needs will be met. Our investment includes:

– Research and education: We study new market trends and enhance our overall team knowledge to serve our customers.
– Creative ways to serve our customers: The GMI team understands that different customers have different needs. That is why we are committed to tackling any challenge, no matter how unique it may be.
– Our offerings: GMI will present the latest market solutions. In addition, we’ll work with our partners to develop solutions that address your particular needs.

At GMI, we believe in establishing and maintaining integrity, consistency, and quality with all of our customer interactions. Our staff will take time to listen to your unique challenges, map out a distinct plan of action, and follow through to ensure your goals are met.
Address: 3220 118th Avenue S.E., Bellevue, WA 98005-4198, United States
Phone number: (425) 644-2233