Flooring Supplies

Category: Hardwood flooring
Business profile: We’ve supplied over 100 million pounds worth of floors during our time, so we’ve picked up a thing or two from serving all those satisfied customers. In fact, our history goes back to 1985 and we were the first online retailer of flooring in the UK.

We have always had a focus on our customer that, to put it bluntly, is unrivalled in our field. After all, none of our achievements would have been possible if it weren’t for all of the lovely people who have bought a floor from us over the years.

When you buy from us, whether it’s enough solid oak flooring to cover the whole of Windsor Castle, or some vinyl for your downstairs loo, we guarantee the best customer service possible from the moment you place your order until well after it arrives. Our prices are very rarely beaten, which you’ll no doubt notice when you start browsing our products and reading reviews from our countless satisfied customers.

We really have got everything covered. There’s no aspect of flooring that we aren’t experts in, from manufacture to installation and aftercare. It’s what we do after all, and we believe that if you’re going to do something, be the best at doing it.

The way we see it, you’re not just buying planks of wood or rolls of carpet, you’re buying a lifestyle, a piece of your personality that you want to represent in your caravan / home / castle / palace, so we’re going to make sure you’re getting
the floor that’s right for you.
Address: Garsett House, St. Andrew’s Plain, Norwich, Norfolk
Phone number: 0800 999 8100
Website: www.flooringsupplies.co.uk