Ezoic makes it easy for publishers to auto-optimize websites using AI

SAN DIEGO, September 22, 2016

A new partner spotlight was published on the Google AdSense blog this week, highlighting the success that online publishers have experienced using Ezoic – Google Certified Publishing Partner. This partner spotlight published by Google’s Certified Publishing Partner team emphasizes how the Ezoic artificial intelligence (A.I.) platform has helped web publishers improve the user experience of their sites; while enhancing their earning power as well.

The Ezoic platform gave online publishers a direct mechanism to increase ad earnings, decrease bounce rate, and improve session duration. An internal study led by Ezoic shows that a site was able to increase ad earnings by over 400% using the platform. The results of the study bring further validation to the concept of multivariate testing. “We’re tackling the enormously complex task of balancing user experience, content engagement and monetization and we’re doing it through data that spans all platforms,” said Ezoic’s Chief Customer Officer, John Cole. “We’ve proven over and over again that sites that do true multivariate testing on their ad configurations, layouts, and other content significantly outperform those that don’t.”

“Being one of Google’s Certified Publishing Partners is great for our business: everyone sees the Google badge and knows that we can be trusted to get the most out of Google products like AdSense and AdExchange (aka AdX). We think that a combination of dynamic ad placement and machine learning will be future of online display advertising; especially on mobile. This is further proof that we are onto something big here,” said Cole.

About Ezoic

Ezoic is a venture-backed machine learning platform for content publishers. Ezoic’s A.I. system allows any web publisher to automatically test dynamic ad placements on their website — tailoring each ad experience to each user’s engagement level. Ezoic is headquartered in North County, San Diego CA with an office in Newcastle, U.K — and plans to open offices in San Francisco and London in the future. The company works with tens of thousands of content-rich online publishers and websites that reach hundreds of millions of visitors per month.