Elson Haas, MD, Launches Online Winter Detox Course

SAN RAFAEL, California, February 2018

Elson Haas, MD, the original “Detox Doc,” has made detoxification a core healing principle in his practice for more than 30 years. Dr. Haas teaches his patients to use the human body’s natural ability to remove toxic substances to restore vitality and promote self-healing.

Dr. Haas’s next course “Winter Detox 2.0: Enhance Your Health and Vitality” begins February 24th for a limited number of students. The 14-day interactive program uses live-video for direct interaction with Dr. Haas, and is designed to help students end unhealthy eating habits, gain more energy, increase vitality and restore health.

“The idea of self-healing or giving the human body the opportunity to repair itself, goes back to Hippocrates in the 4th century B.C.,” says Dr. Haas. “Western medicine is able to perform miracles when it comes to accidents and trauma. But, in my view, we’ve relied too heavily on pharmaceuticals and surgery, and ignored the body’s innate healing abilities.”

Dr. Haas is one of the early pioneers of integrative medicine, and author of 11 books on nutrition, health and detox. His latest book, Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine, promotes the idea of using the best practices from Natural, Eastern, and Western Medicine (N.E.W.) to treat illness.

After 30 years of teaching detox diet methods at the Preventive Medical Center of Marin, Dr. Haas is going online with the development of a series of courses on nutrition, health, restoring natural energy, and detoxification.

“Using new Internet technology we can reach people anywhere in the world,” says Dr. Haas. “And, because we can see and hear each other in real time, it’s like I’m coming to visit them in their homes. It allows me to do health education in a way that I wasn’t able to before. I want people to realize that the way they look and feel is largely in their own hands. By being aware and making good lifestyle choices people can learn to become their own best doctors.”