Category: Online marketing
Business profile: We are an independent digital performance agency, born and raised from 2Parale, the biggest affiliate network in Romania. Since 2008, we’ve accomplished more that 1.000.000 brand and sales objectives.

We empower the modern digital marketers to reach their goals by guiding them throughout the complex digital space. We test, try, optimize, learn and test again, without saying “can’t be done”.

Keeping a very close relation with the biggest media and online players in local and international markets, we make sure that you don’t miss any opportunities and have access to data, research and products/ features.

No matter whether you are an international brand looking to increase brand indicators or an ecommerce platform trying to boost sales, “performance” is a term that applies to all, no matter the size. And we’ve learned that, like in sports, there should be a custom training for everyone.
Address: Vulturilor 98A, Grawe Business Center, 1st Floor, 030857, Bucharest, Romania
Phone number: Not specified
Website: edge.2performant.com