Dutch Consulting Firm Offers a ‘Quick Brexit’ for British SME

AMSTERDAM, July 7, 2016

Holland’s leading corporate service provider for non-resident investors, INCO Business Group, has assisted the first British entrepreneurs in setting up a Dutch Company. Now it announces its first Brexit event in Amsterdam for British entrepreneurs and the opening of a Brexit Desk in London.

“We typically work with SME companies that are concerned about losing ‘passporting rights’ in the EU, or companies bidding for EU projects,” says Dennis Vermeulen of incobusinessgroup.com. “Apart from that, we also talk with non-British investors who are re-considering their decision to establish a company in Britain. They might decide to invest in the Netherlands instead.”

BBC2 viewers may be familiar with INCO Business Group since it appeared in the documentary The town that took on the tax man, in which INCO assisted a Welsh group of entrepreneurs to set up their ‘Dutch Sandwich’.

More than 150 information requests have been received in the last few weeks, and 10 companies have been established since the Brexit vote. Due to this interest, INCO is hosting a StartUp Expedition July 28-29 in Amsterdam for British entrepreneurs who are planning to setup a mainland EU company as a ‘quick fix’.

“We believe that the Brexit will not affect the British trading position within the EU, and it will be business as usual once the dust has settled. We don’t feel there will be any long term consequences. Having said that, there is a lot of uncertainty during the transition process, and especially small or medium-sized business owners need to make decisions on how they structure their European activities. The establishment of a European company will resolve most of these concerns.”

On nelcome.eu people can register for a one-day event, which includes the opening of the company and a visit to the bank. The website even promotes a Private Flight Service on its Facebook account, for those who decide to incorporate a Dutch company immediately.

“Although Brexit is currently a hot topic, INCO has always promoted the Dutch entrepreneurial climate. We don’t believe that major changes will take place, but the Brexit uncertainty requires companies to anticipate. Whereas the UK government is not allowed to negotiate the exit strategy with other Member States, UK businesses are free to establish a (temporary) company in the Netherlands to ensure certain positions,” adds Vermeulen, CEO of INCO Business Group. In this sense, UK businesses are able to fast-track the Brexit.

Dennis Vermeulen will travel to London next week to open its first Brexit Desk in London.

“The Brexit Desk is an initiative in cooperation with our London ‘Ambassador’ and will provide British entrepreneurs with information about the possibilities of setting up a company in the Netherlands, or neighbouring countries like Belgium, Germany and France.” The Brexit Desk will be based at 116 Pall Mall in central London.