Category: Cloud Computing
Business profile: dinCloud is a Cloud Service Provider that helps organizations worldwide rapidly migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Our Business Provisioning includes migration of desktops, servers, storage, networking and applications to a Virtual Private Data Center. dinCloud provides subscription-based services tailored to fit a range of business models resulting in: reduced cost, enhanced security, control, and productivity. dinCloud is headquartered in Los Angeles.

We want our customers to have a heavenly experience in the cloud. We will do what it takes to help customers understand how their environment will work in the cloud and also help them migrate into the cloud – it isn’t a lonely journey.

Our data center and infrastructure design was architected with the cloud in mind. This flexibility and open infrastructure means it is easier to provide customers with disaster recovery capabilities. Our dinStack Coalition is also assembled based on technology that is built for the cloud, not merely adapted for it.
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Website: www.dincloud.com