Decatur Wins Vehicle Registration and Number Plates Project in Nepal

LONDON, June 2, 2016

The Department of Transport Management (DOTM) of Nepal has awarded the 44 million US Dollar project, for the ‘Supply and Delivery of High Security Embossed Vehicle Plates including Personalization, Enrolment, and IT Infrastructure’ to Decatur, a world leader in the production and implementation of Identity Management Solutions. Numerous renowned international vendors participated in the tendering process in January, however Decatur was selected for the most compliant and innovative solution. The contract signing ceremony took place on the 1st June 2016, at the DOTM headquarters in Minbhawan, Kathmandu.

The project will facilitate enrolment of vehicle and owner information, create a national database, and supply high security number plates and RFID tags. Both the number plates and RFID tags will help police in fighting crime and maintaining law and order. Decatur will provide the end-to-end solution including project management, support, and training.

“After the successful implementation of our vehicle identification solution in countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa, we are delighted to be able to work for the people of Nepal,” says Mr. Goffin, President of Decatur. Decatur is a trusted partner in designing innovative solutions that help meet the evolving challenges in the identity management sector, their technology is patented by the US Patent Office.

Mr. Shrestha, Director General of DOTM, says, “We are very excited about bringing such advanced solutions to our country. We are pleased that our strategic partnership with Decatur will help set important trends for Nepal’s vision on e-governance. We look forward to having Decatur developing a cutting-edge identification management system aimed at assisting us in excelling our services for our citizens.”

About Decatur

Decatur is a global IT group specializing in identity management products and services which include turnkey solutions for National IDs, E-Passports, E-Voting Systems, Electronic Vehicle Registration Systems, Driving License, Border and Immigration Control, and Biometric Matching Systems.

Projects that Decatur have also won include, the ‘Medical Marijuana Authorization System and Registry’ for the Department of Health in Washington State, USA; ‘Driving License Registration, Issuance, Related Functions and Examination Management’ for the Republic of Tajikistan and the ‘Automated Solution for Production and Distribution of License Plates’, for the Republic of Moldova. Similarly, Decatur is implementing its solutions in Bangladesh, Kenya and Myanmar amongst other countries.