Ctrip partners with Deutsche Bahn

BERLIN, March 8, 2018

Ctrip Group, China’s largest travel service provider has signed an agreement with Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) to enable the sales of German Rail tickets on its various platforms. German rail tickets will also be available on Trip.com, Ctrip’s new one-stop travel online booking website in the upcoming months. Trip.com members will be able to purchase German rail tickets in any of the 13 language websites. This cooperation marks a first for Deutsche Bahn to work with an Asia based online travel agency to sell rail tickets.

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is one of the leading transportation and logistics companies worldwide. Each year Deutsche Bahn carries more than two billion passengers. Under the new partnership, Ctrip will enable customers to conveniently purchase passage for German rail tickets including high-speed rail tickets serving regions and connecting cities around Germany. The partnership allows for real time booking of print @ home and mobile tickets and allow travelers to purchase German rail tickets at the low rates.

“We are excited to work with Deutsche Bahn,” said Amy Wei, General Manager, Ctrip Group International Railway Ticketing. “Through our partnership, we are enabling our 300 million members to conveniently purchase German rail tickets, supporting travelers to discover all corners of Germany. We are always working towards expanding and improving our services and this partnership marks an upgrade in Rail product offerings. We will start the service on our new TrainPal platform and continue to expand to Trip.com and other platforms within the Ctrip Group.”

“We are elated to be working with Ctrip Group to offer German rail tickets to travelers around the world. Through the partnership Deutsche Bahn is able to expand its global customer market, especially in China and Asia. Additionally, we anticipate valuable industry insights that both companies will benefit from, especially with the use of Ctrip’s technology and big data,” said Mathias, Hüske, Managing Director Digital Business DB Vertrieb (DB Sales).

The partnership with Deutsche Bahn is another stride in Ctrip’s continuous efforts to provide upgraded international rail services. As a leading one-stop travel service provider, Ctrip Group’s endeavors to cater to the needs of its members and provide memorable travel experiences.