Category: Online Marketing
Business profile: Crowdynews is the world’s largest social media curation platform, delivering social content to the news media market worldwide. We are the definitive one-stop shop for automating the inclusion of relevant, real-time, and safe social content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and more alongside editorial content. Using artificial intelligence & natural language processing, we enable our customers to tell “the whole story” by augmenting their own content with photos, videos, eyewitness reports, and opinions shared through social media.

Our vision is to be the definitive one-stop-shop for automating the inclusion of real-time, relevant, and safe social content alongside editorial content for news media today, and in the future for other verticals like consumer brands and retailers.
Address: Friesestraatweg 213-B, Groningen, 9743 AD, The Netherlands
Phone number: +31 50 8200 220