Cityzenith Launches Beta User Program for the AEC and Real Estate

CHICAGO, October 3, 2016

Cityzenith Launches Beta User Program for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC), and Real Estate Industries. Award-winning 5D Smart City™ solution is presented to Chicago Mayor Emmanuel and London Mayor Khan; Whitehouse announces Cityzenith collaboration with US Department of Energy.

Cityzenith announced today that it has launched a dedicated Beta User Program for the AEC and Real Estate sectors. The global initiative comprises more than 1,000 users from an initial core group of companies including many of the leading AEC and Real Estate organizations in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The program provides users access to data-rich 5D Smart City™ models of Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C., London, Dubai, and Singapore, and will run through the end of November.

Cityzenith’s 5D Smart World™, the focus of the BETA User Program, is a complete, web-based Software-as-a-Service platform designed to help AEC firms and Real Estate companies transform their existing investments in BIM and other technologies into valuable tools for aggregating, searching, managing, analyzing, and reusing project information. Designed to help Smart Cities manage the massive amounts of data generated in today’s cities, the platform has been modified and adapted for this Beta Program to suit the specific needs of the professional AEC and CRE communities who design, build, own, and operate Smart Cities, Smart Campuses, and Smart Buildings the world over.

With 5D Smart World™, AEC users visually access project data and business intelligence across their entire portfolio of projects from concept through detailed design in just a few clicks, streamed to a web browser and easily searchable. Empowered by a state-of-the-art 3D game engine, 5D Smart World™ enables AEC users to:

– Design and plan with simple drag-and-drop import tools that read popular data formats, and share results in real-time with team members, partners, and clients
– Analyze project information with easy-to-configure reporting and analysis tools
– Chat with team members around the world with on-the-fly editing
– Store and access vast amounts of proprietary project information in a unique searchable geospatial query database
– Access dynamic streaming 5D Smart City™ models rich with city data content from inside any standard web browser

For Real Estate users, 5D Smart World™ serves as a living on-line 3D asset library extensible to include up to millions of building projects and their data—past, current, and planned—anywhere on the globe, for a single owner/operator. Winner of the 2016 Realcomm Digie Award for “Best Tech Innovation in Commercial & Corporate Real Estate”, 5D Smart World™ consolidates portfolio-wide energy management, facilities management, security management, and project data into a single interactive 3D dashboard, making it easy for users to search, retrieve, and analyze building information in any format (flat file or spatial) from any building asset anywhere in the world in real time. Real estate companies and developers participating in the Beta User Program will explore how use of the platform helps them better manage their Smart Building and project data across their entire portfolio of buildings.