Chris Nurko Joins C Space

BOSTON, December 19, 2017

C Space, a customer agency, today announced that Chris Nurko has joined the company as Chief Growth and Innovation Officer, effective on January 1, 2018.

Formerly the global chairman of FutureBrand, Nurko will originate the new role at C Space. As Chief Growth and Innovation Officer, he will lead C Space and Interbrand’s Co-Lab Accelerator, a new initiative that will bring the world of brands and customer experience together as a growth engine for the future. Nurko plans to relocate to the U.S. in 2018.

“I am thrilled to be joining C Space at such an exciting time,” said Nurko. “Our mission for the Co-Lab Accelerator is to truly revolutionize the way brand leaders think about their customers in order to drive both innovation and growth.”

The Co-Lab Accelerator is a new initiative that will fuel business growth by helping brands create products and experiences that are truly customer inspired. By disrupting traditional management consultancy and innovation processes, we will reduce time scales in half and create businesses that are future-proofed.

“As former colleagues, I’ve followed Chris’ impressive career for a long time and he is an essential strategic hire for the firm,” said Charles Trevail, CEO of The Interbrand Group of Companies. “Chris’ work leading our Co-Lab Accelerator will serve as a blueprint for how brands can generate strong growth in this current business climate where brands with the strongest relationships with customers are also the most profitable.”

“Chris is unequaled in his ability to create innovative approaches to opportunities or challenges of clients. He has been instrumental in building our brand to what it is today, one of the world’s most profitable airlines,” said Jozsef Varadi, Chief Executive Officer of Wizz Air, the European airline of the year. “He’s also highly skilled at uncovering new growth and revenue opportunities. I look forward to seeing what he does with the Co-Lab Accelerator.”

At FutureBrand, Chris has been responsible for directing global growth initiatives around product, service, and client relationships. He has also been at the forefront of developing the agency’s highly successful ‘Country Brand Index’ and ‘Made In’ reports. These reports consider the impact and significance of countries as brands and provenance as a driver of authenticity and desire to purchase. Chris has developed unique travel insights and expertise throughout his years of working with high-profile brands in the travel, hospitality and tourism sector. He is a pioneer in innovative marketing around culture branding, destination positioning and communications.

Over the past 25 years, Chris has worked across all sectors of brand strategy and marketing for corporate, consumer, country and NGO brands around the world. A passionate innovator, Chris believes in the power of creativity to define the future through branding. His areas of expertise include travel, hospitality, luxury goods, consumer goods and retail experiences.

About C Space

C Space is a global customer agency that builds customers into the ways companies work. With some of the world’s best known brands – like Walmart, Samsung, IKEA and more – C Space delivers on “Customer Inspired Growth.” By building ongoing relationships with customers, brands can stay relevant, deliver superior experiences, and build loyalty. C Space’s customized customer programs are tailored based on specific business needs and include private online communities, in-person live events, visual storytelling, co-creation workshops, and business consulting.