Cauri Jaye Joins CableClix

WINCHESTER, Virginia, January 18, 2017

CableClix, Inc., an innovative “Cord Cutting” company that builds virtual cable networks over the Internet that mimic existing cable television franchises by providing live streaming television services, furthered the December 23rd provisional offer to a signed Definitive Agreement to bring on Cauri Jaye as the company’s Chief Product Officer.

Cauri will build a tight Agile software team, creating a user-led product with bleeding edge technology methods. From his network and the flourishing Los Angeles technology talent-pool, CableClix business will be embedded in the heart of America’s film and TV hub. rhubarb, Cauri’s innovation lab and venture builder, is known for rapid delivery and agile practices in launching startups for entrepreneurs and incubate startups for enterprises.

In joining CableClix, skills levered in artificial intelligence, online media and big data will create and deliver a future-focused platform and hyper-productive tech teams will accelerate time to market and ensure a strong innovation culture in the company. Existing IT infrastructure and business know-how of CableClix leadership will be enhanced with a product-focused design and development plan to execute on the vision.

Cauri said: “Technology has revolutionized the consumer entertainment industry, opening up new business models and opportunities almost daily. I’m thrilled to put CableClix at the heart of this industry, giving audiences greater access to better quality TV experiences.”

Kris Domich, CableClix President and CEO remarked, “CableClix stands at the precipice of its official entry into the live streaming television market. We have developed specifications for an impressive set top box, developed an efficient method for distributing live television over our VPCN, and have built a head end capable of scaling to well over a hundred channels. As a development stage company, we have the benefit of agility which allows us to quickly adapt to a changing industry and market. Bringing Cauri on at this critical stage and in the capacity of Chief Product Officer ensures that we enter the market as a leader, addressing problems that no one else is, and taking advantage of opportunities that our customers tell us remain unfulfilled.”

Domich added, “From the intelligence Cauri brought back from CES 2017, it is clear to CableClix that key industry problems associated with streaming content and interpreting its usage are largely unaddressed. Therefore it will be Cauri’s first order of business to definitively quantify those opportunities and create the roadmap that leverages our existing intellectual capital along with the numerous tools, processes, and methods Cauri brings to ensure that our entry into the market is as relevant to current customer pain-points as possible.”

CableClix is pleased to see how many new players have entered the market with set top boxes which mimic its own in many ways. The presence of these boxes only validates the direction the company has chosen since its inception. The company believes that it must remain judicious about how it applies time, talent, and treasure, where prudence prevails over haste. The addition of cauri to the team ensures an objective and almost completely outside perspective of the most significant opportunities to be a game-changing technology, solving today’s problems whilst anticipating those of the future.