Business Venture establishes Asia base for Minerals Development

NEW YORK, December 29, 2017

Business Venture (BVI) announces their expansion into China and Japan, signaling the company’s solidification of its mining and minerals and blockchain business units across the Asia Pacific region.

The expansion into Asia follows the company’s own five-year expansion plan, and aligns with China’s 2020 objectives. BVI’s five-year expansion plan aims to grow its mineral assets to hedge against uncertainty in the equities markets, while building on BVI’s own existing proprietary blockchain resources trading platform.

BVI will continue to tap into the dynamism, wealth and depth of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, and ride on the wave of growth of the area. Armed with a war chest of deep capital support and a broad market platform, BVI brings together a team of first-class professionals and a comprehensive understanding of the minerals markets and blockchain platforms.

“We saw severe fluctuations in the gold market in 2016, coupled with a sharp interest and increasing desire for gold as a safe-haven amongst global markets investors,” said Mr Howard Blankfein, CEO of BVI. “We see this as a reaction to U.S. political and global geopolitical uncertainties. Market conditions presented an opportunity for BVI to capitalize on gold, copper and zinc mineral developments in the Asia-Pacific region. It was an opportunity for our organization to really commit to its global expansion, specifically into China and Japan.”

BVI’s commitment to the region includes three centers in the region dedicated to planning, marketing and customer service with personnel in technology, finance, human resources, and administration. Together with a system of impeccable risk control, finance and customer service, BVI currently operates three project divisions supported by a risk management team and an administration and supervisory team. The company is now seeking office locations in Japan, Hong Kong and potentially Shenzhen, mainland China.

About Business Venture

BVI is a New York-based company with more than 30 years of combined experience in financial risk management, minerals and mining and leading talents in the asset management industry, the company boasts an elite team of financial experts. Business Venture is one of world’s leading Asset Management, Merger and Acquisition and Minerals Mining company. We seek to provide maximum value and generate positive economic impact for our investors. We believe that innovation and creativity in our focus sector presents the best opportunity for meeting the investment objectives of our valued investors. At BVI, our main leverage is our team of talents. We believe in empowering people to produce the best results.