Bright Century Shareholding Is Awarded The Top Growth Value Prize At The 5th China Finance Summit

BEIJING, July 29, 2016

At the recently-held 5th China Finance Summit & Honor and Dreams awards ceremony in Beijing, Bright Century (Beijing) Shareholding (“Bright Century Shareholding”) was awarded the Top Growth Value Prize for 2016 for its use of its global-leading financial theory and strict financial control methods, and in recognition of its building of a successful Chinese capital career by implementing their vision with passion and innovation.

The China Finance Summit is one of the most influential summits in the Chinese economic field. This summit centered on China’s qualitative changes, namely new challenges and new opportunities, and was attended by many Chinese economic tycoons, distinguished entrepreneurs and senior media workers who discussed issues faced by Chinese companies in these new economic times, and explored the driving forces of Chinese economic transformation and development.

Bright Century Shareholding is a leading new generation, international financial holding company in China, which aims to provide a systematic capital market solution (capital + investment bank + consulting services) for enterprises. The development of Chinese enterprises can hardly be done without the support of the capital market, which was discussed at the summit. “With the rapid development of China’s economy, the power of capital is not insignificant. But for a company, capital is just a tip of the iceberg. In order to have sustainable long-term development, we have to deploy some systematic thinking and excellent strategic concepts. That’s the key reason why Bright Century Shareholding has enjoyed such fast development in the last year,” said a spokesman for Bright Century Shareholding. He also said that Bright Century has branch offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur, and it will soon complete a global strategic roll-out to Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney and Qatar in the near future for the purpose of providing widespread investment services, consulting services and financial services to customers around the world.

Bright Century Shareholding has an inescapable responsibility to help establish a mature capital market in today’s world of global economic integration. Bright Century Shareholding not only acts as a capital provider, but also provides information and consulting services to enterprises. It helps customers and investors improve their thinking system and formulate a complete knowledge framework and investment capacity.