Borthwick Floors

Category: Hardwood flooring
Business profile: The Borthwick Floors family business is a very well known and largely respected name throughout the construction industry. Their techniques, along with the quality of workmanship they have perfected, have earned them the reputation of being “The wood flooring family, with sawdust flowing through their veins”.

As trends change, Borthwick Floors maintains its position as a leader in the wood flooring industry. They have developed advanced methods of high quality direct staining for timber floors, a technique which has been crafted and tested since 1995, with continuing success. Borthwick Floors strives to keep ahead of the field and be constantly innovative in their methods of installation.

Borthwick Floors is committed to protecting the environment and supporting sustainable forest management practices. Wherever possible, they source their timber from Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) certified forests, and they endorse the Australian Forest Certification Scheme. Borthwick Floors also maintains strong alliances with suppliers Australia wide, ensuring the timber they use is the
best available.
Address: 68 Burwood Highway, Burwood 3125 Victoria, Australia
Phone number: 1300 356 671