Boost Acquires Prestigious Official emoji Licence

CHAM, Switzerland, September 27, 2016

6 billion icons are used every day. Everybody knows them, everybody loves them. Boost Group starts exciting partnership with the emoji company to market the official emoji® brand and its popular library of high resolution icons.

During the next few years Boost Group will design and produce tailor-made collectibles’ concepts for retailers based on the trademarks and copyrights of the emoji company in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Russia.

Boost Group is focusing on the production of classical and collectibles’ promotions building on the resounding impact of the Minions campaigns for Carrefour Spain and France, which were successfully launched in 2015 and won this year’s International Loyalty Award in London.

At present the portfolio of the emoji company contains close to 4,000 icons which have been developed specially for licensing operations. The official emoji® brand is a well known and established all over the world and its icons are used with the most reputable licensing partners from multiple industries and are applied in the field of merchandising and promotions, for customer retention programs and advertising.

“At Boost Group we’re proud about this latest licence. There is no better way to express yourself than saying it by using icons as they simply generate a good mood and our marketing and creative teams are already working on the exciting challenge of developing fun concepts, games and digital solutions,” states Mario Schwegler, CEO Boost Group adding: “We are now offering our clients in Europe 360° emoji® brand promotional concepts to activate shoppers, elevate sales and increase the average basket size.”

“We are excited to team up with Boost Group who have a proven track record in building fantastic loyalty programs. Together we will establish the official emoji® brand for different instant digital and physical rewards programs for years. Longevity is what our partners strive for and the official emoji® brand fulfils all requirements to deliver an enduring joy and success. We are looking forward to the first launch” states Marco Hüsges, CEO of the emoji Company.