BloomReach Acquires Hippo

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California and AMSTERDAM, October 26, 2016

BloomReach, Inc., the leading commerce personalization platform, today announced a strategic acquisition of leading web content management company Hippo, B.V. The Hippo digital experience and performance platform is a content management system that helps businesses understand all visitors – anonymous or known – to deliver the right content at the right time on any channel or touch point.

With the integration of Hippo’s open and agile experience technology into BloomReach’s machine-learning engine, BloomReach will have the only digital experience platform that natively leverages data and algorithmic intelligence to create, build, personalize, market and measure every digital experience – across verticals and geographies.

“Hippo has engineered the world’s most sophisticated digital experience platform with a keen understanding and vision for the future of web content management. By joining its core content expertise and architectural flexibility with BloomReach’s algorithmic superiority in commerce, we can build a single experience layer that powers any brand’s digital experiences,” said Raj De Datta, CEO and cofounder of BloomReach. “Why should providing a truly personalized experience today require an enterprise to spend months or years in CMS implementation and millions of dollars integrating analytics, personalization, testing, targeting and data management solutions on top of that CMS? That’s an antiquated model.”

BloomReach envisions all businesses – both commerce and content – having three core cloud platforms powering their digital presence: a back-end or commerce platform, an experience platform powering personalization and a marketing platform handling campaign execution. The Hippo acquisition allows BloomReach to provide businesses with the experience platform layer – where data and algorithms determine each visitor’s intent and return the most relevant experience. It also will have an open architecture that easily plugs into the other platforms, including both current BloomReach and Hippo partners.

“Merging with BloomReach adds the most sophisticated intelligence available to Hippo’s content performance and delivery platform. Its engine has an unrivaled ability to analyze data both from inside and outside an enterprise,” said Jeroen Verberg, cofounder and CEO of Hippo. “Whether it’s more product purchases, deeper content engagement or finding solutions to visitors’ problems, together our platform will produce results for any business by acting autonomously, getting smarter every day, and giving users actionable insights to refine the experience.”

BloomReach has experienced significant revenue and market growth in commerce since launching in 2009, working with more than 175 of the top U.S. and U.K. commerce companies, including Neiman Marcus, Staples, Nordstrom and Homebase.

“The world of marketing and customer acquisition is quickly moving to machine-learning and data-driven personalized experiences. The combination of BloomReach’s world-class search and personalization technology with Hippo’s content management solution will allow companies across industries to create the most modern digital customer experiences,” said Ajay Agarwal, managing director of Bain Capital Ventures, a BloomReach investor. “We couldn’t be more excited about the acquisition and the opportunity it brings to the marketing-technology landscape.”

BloomReach and Hippo together will use data science and web-wide data to power personalization that understands content, language, context and behavior throughout the customer lifecycle, replacing strategies that market to customer segments using manually written rules.