Blogs that accept guest posts and sponsored and advertising posts

Please note we make a clear distinction between guest posts and sponsored posts and advertising posts.

  • Guest posts – articles written by bloggers or non-bloggers to be published on other bloggers’ blogs.
  • Sponsored post – an article written by a blogger and published on his/her blog following the demand or request from a commercial partner. The blogger receives payment to write and publish the article.
  • Advertising post – an article written by specialized content writers employed by or on behalf of a commercial partner, to be published on the blogger’s blog. The blogger receives payment to take and publish the agreed article.

Most of the blogs listed here are high-quality blogs and they accept only quality posting. We recommend you reading their guest posting guidelines carefully before contacting or submitting.

If you have a blog and accept guest posts / sponsored posts / advertising posts and want it included in this list please write to us at contact [@] abby-web [.] com

Blogs that accept guest posts

Blog NameDAGuest postsSponsored postsAdvertising postsTopicsGuidelines
Life Is An Episode30Guest postsSponsored postsAdvertising postsLifestyle, beauty, fashion, business, cars, home improvementGuidelines
Jordan Clark28Guest postsSponsored postsAdvertising postsPhotography, fashion, business, gadgets, designGuidelines
Broccas23Guest posts-Advertising postsBusiness, technology, lifestyle, home & garden, health, scienceGuidelines
Corporate Spotlight26--Business presentationBusinessGuidelines
Fancy Ladies22Guest postsSponsored postsAdvertising postsBeauty, career, fashion, fitness, food, health, insurance, home improvement, jewelry, lifestyle, parenting, pregnancy, relationships, travel, weddingGuidelines
ShoutMeLoud60Guest posts--Blogging, Wordpress, SEO, entrepreneurship, making money online, social media marketingGuidelines
Mike Gregory26Guest postsSponsored postsAdvertising postsHome improvement, interior remodeling, exterior improvements, DIY guides, interior design, home decor, cleaning, maintenance, safety, securityGuidelines
iamwire49Guest posts--Business, startups, ecommerce, artificial intelligence, internet of things, wearables, virtual reality, augmented realityGuidelines
42-Sponsored posts-Interior design, trends, homes and interiors, product reviews
Heart Home Mag44-Sponsored postsAdvertising postsInterior decor, lifestyle, inspirational homes, home tours
The Bambi Eyes27-Sponsored postsAdvertising postsBeauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel
Icy Violets32Guest postsSponsored postsAdvertising postsHome improvement, DIY, kitchen, interiors, gardening, home safetyGuidelines
Living Well Mom47Guest posts--Wellness, family, parenting, travel, pets, home, recipesGuidelines
All the Frugal Ladies29Guest postsSponsored postsAdvertising postsLifestyle, home decor, travel, entertainment, shopping, savings, fashion, wedding, career, educationGuidelines
Abigail Alice33-Sponsored postsAdvertising postsFashion, homeware, beauty, travel
The Dodo
15Guest posts--Creativity, happiness, motivation, purpose, relationships, self-controlGuidelines

We recently updated the page by including online magazines that accept guest posts, contributions and new authors. As you can see, they are high profile and engagement magazines. Publishing on these websites might be more difficult but for a business in their respective niche it might add real value, both in visibility and traffic.

Online magazines that accept guest posts

Blog NameDATopicsGuidelines
EE Times84Electronics, automotive, IoT, networking, industrial control, automation, prototypingGuidelines
Dealer Marketing Magazine37AutomotiveGuidelines
Dental Visalia12DentalGuidelines
Halt.org42Bankruptcy law, employment law, estate planning, family law, immigration law, personal injury, legalGuidelines
Independent Retailer41Shopping, retail, wholesale, trade showsGuidelines
Flea Market Zone34Shopping, flea marketGuidelines
The Counselors of Real Estate56Real estateGuidelines
Upscale41Entertainment, beauty, fashion, health, fitness, travel, lifestyleGuidelines
Hubspot90Marketing, sales, businessGuidelines
Harvard Business Review92Business, strategy, leadership, negotiations, operations, innovation, marketing, finance, work-life balanceGuidelines
Brazen64Human resources, recruiting, HR, events marketing, university admissionsGuidelines
Attorney at Work55LegalGuidelines
Londonezer27Business, lifestyle, events, news, real estate, trade shows, shopping, entertainment (related to London, UK)
Content Marketing Institute87Content marketing, building your audience, content creation, social media, SEOGuidelines
Smashing Magazine90Web design, apps, user interface, usability, typography, Wordpress, graphics, e-commerce, freebies, performance, workflowGuidelines
Inspirationfeed57Design, business, entrepreneurship, freelancing, apps, themes, SEO, WordPress, social mediaGuidelines
Social Media Today87Social media strategies, content marketing, digital marketing tools and insights, social media news and trendsGuidelines
Web Design Ledger66Web design, web development, user interface, graphics, themes, hostingGuidelines
Novica61Jewelry, gifts, living, style, fashion, decorGuidelines
KevinMD.com74Health, physician, conditions, tech, meds, patientsGuidelines
AllBusiness78Sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, customer service, social media, finance, accounting, insurance, taxes, staffing, human resourcesGuidelines
Kabir News29Business, economy, science, entertainment, gaming, mobile, technology, politics, sportsGuidelines
International Living60Living, retirement, real estate, healthcareGuidelines
Music Crowns32Music, artists, emerging talents, viral videosGuidelines
Law Plain and Simple27Legal, bankruptcy, debt management, immigration, insolvency, intellectual property, litigation, willsGuidelines
WisdomTeeth.org15Oral/dental health, wisdom teethGuidelines
Backpacker67Destinations, personality, skills, gear, experiences, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, wildernessGuidelines
Experience L!fe56Health, stress, hormones, sleep, aging, weight loss, fitness, yoga, recovery, travel, food, nutrition, recipes, relationships, personal development, family, couples, detox, beauty, work, money, gardeningGuidelines
New Mobility60Recreation, travel, people, health, relationships, media, culture, civil rights, resources for people with disabilitiesGuidelines
Happily Blended46Lifestyle, DIY, crafts, relationships, parenthood, events, travel, dining, food, recipes
Fashion Diva Design41Fashion, designers, shoes, nails, makeup, DIY, street style
Healthcare Business Today25Healthcare consulting, operations, technology, legislation, financial, employment, nursingGuidelines
Rethinking Schools68Social justice teaching, education policy, student voice, teaching practicesGuidelines
Inman News78Real estate news, insights, analysis, technology, marketing, special reports
MadbuzzHK16Entertainment, music, film, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, food, technology, sportsGuidelines
Scoopify22Lifestyle, adventure, beauty, food, health, entertainment, celebrity, travel, wedding, photography, festivalsGuidelines

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