Beauty blogs


  • The Beauty Department – The Beauty Department is equal parts beautiful and useful, sharing innovative tutorials on everything from how to tame flyaways to nailing an ombre cat eye. Created by makeup artist Amy Nadine and hairstylist Kristin Ess, the ladies responsible for Lauren Conrad always looking like she stepped out of a postcard, The Beauty Department is nothing short of a beauty destination.   
  • Thirteen Thoughts – I’m Paula the girl behind Thirteen Thoughts. I’m a paralegal and a beauty and lifestyle blogger living on the East Coast. I grew up in Poland, but for the past 11 years or so I’ve been living in the US. I’m an unapologetic optimist, self-proclaimed beauty junkie with an incomprehensible love for dogs and owls. I’m a wife, dog-mommy, a sister to two wonderful human beings and a complete Harry Potter fanatic.  
  • Seasonal-Rose – I started Seasonal-Rose after my friend got me into a few bloggers and it inspired me to write my own. My own little corner. One thing to know is that I don’t follow ‘trends’ but my own personal likes and interests. This will be filled with all sorts of posts. From beauty to fashion and all the way to art and books. I have a massive love for the 50’s and all things vintage. Not just that I enjoy being creative and would like to experiment with fashion. So you may enjoy the ride and the laughs that may follow. So without further ado, allow me to open the doors to my weird, creative and unique world.