Autobytel Partners with Videology

NEW YORK, November 17, 2016

Videology, a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising, today announced a partnership to bring Autobytel’s industry-leading automotive buyer-intent data to the video advertising ecosystem. Autobytel provides consumers with robust and original online automotive content to help them make informed car-buying decisions. With this partnership, marketers working with Videology now have access to Autobytel’s anonymized first-party data about consumers currently in the market to buy a new vehicle, which is sourced from roughly 8 million consumers who visit Autobytel properties every month.

For auto marketers, knowledge of where a consumer is in the vehicle purchase cycle is crucial in driving advertising strategy. There is a very different approach for effectively communicating with consumers that will buy a car in the next five years versus the next five weeks. Knowing someone is in-market to buy a vehicle – and just as importantly, knowing their preference for brands, price points, and features – allows marketers to tailor a very specific lower-funnel message aimed at driving someone to a car lot.

According to J.D. Power’s 2015 New Autoshopper Study, eight in ten new-vehicle Internet shoppers visit a third-party site for automotive information. And according to IHS Automotive, a leading provider of market insights and measurement solutions driven by Polk data, consumers submitting leads via the Autobytel network accounted for over 2.5 million new retail sales from 2011 – 2015, representing an average of roughly 4% of all U.S. Light Vehicle New Retail Sales. During this same timeframe, consumers submitting leads via the Autobytel network accounted for an average of approximately 2% of used car sales.

“The power of sight, sound, and motion has always been huge for automotive brand advertising,” said Scott Ferber, Founder and CEO, Videology. “Naturally, now that viewing is shifting across devices, auto advertisers want to extend this power across screens. Our platform allows advertisers to reach targeted consumers across TV and video, but our technology is only as good as the data that informs it. That’s why this partnership is so exciting. There is arguably no better source of first-party data on auto consumers than Autobytel. We can now create an experience that’s more relevant for consumers and more beneficial for advertisers.”

“Since 1995, we’ve built a business focused on connecting auto marketers and franchised dealers with relevant, high intent consumers,” said Matías de Tezanos, Chief Strategy Officer of Autobytel Inc. “By partnering with Videology, we’re expanding that offering to one of the fastest growing and most important advertising channels—video. Marketers can now use our industry-leading customer intent data in a leading programmatic video platform to drive the greatest results for their advertising campaigns.”

Videology’s advertising platform offers a variety of use cases for automotive marketers, including the ability to measure offline results such as sales or visits to a dealership resulting from video ad campaigns, and to plan holistically across TV and digital video to ensure maximum reach and frequency goals are achieved.